Saturday, May 26, 2007

Passed, Signed, and Delivered

The Iraq War appropriations bill that contained language raising the minimum in the CNMI and American Samoa was signed by President Bush on Friday.

The minimum wage is currently $3.05 in the CNMi. 60 days from yesterday, it will increase $0.50 to $3.55. 10 months later, it will increase another $0.50 to $4.05. It will increase $0.50 per year after that until it reaches the new federal level, $7.25.

The argument that the CNMI does not fall under US Federal Minimum Wage laws is no longer true. It will be very interesting to see if the doom and gloom continues, or if the Chamber of Commerce was just blowing smoke up everyone's ass. Let the games begin.


Andy said...

I don't live on Saipan - but if the cost of living is similar to the mainland, it only makes sense to adjust the CNMI minimum wage in line with the rest of US.

I really think tourism is the future of Saipan - from the beautiful photos in the blogs, I have decided to visit the island some day (as soon as I have socked away enough cash)

I used to do Google searches for Saipan and all I got was Saipan S*&ks - but recently the blogs started floating to the top so your hard efforts to promots CNMI (Sapin in particular) have paid off. So keep up the good work.


Frank said...

Yes, finally victory for the minimum wage earners in the CNMI.

Now that minimum wage is in place the only remaining positive thing for CNMI residents is the takeover of immigration which I support.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

In the end, I'm glad the minimum wage went up. I just wish we had done something first. They killed MPLA in two days. If they had wanted to, the Legislature could have raised the minimum wage just as fast, but they waited for someone to do it for them.

I'm afriad that the same thing will probably happen with Immigration. What ever came of the 902 talks? Was a deal hammered out?

The clock is ticking. Reform is coming. You can blame the previous leaders for only so long. If the Federal Takeover happens on your watch, it is your fault. I'm pretty sure the politicians vying for those seats in November are going to remind the voters of that.

Marianas Eye said...

Congratulations! Pink, purple and orange are correct, but it doesn't mean you "see" the same thing a non-color blind person sees. You've just learned to name the shades of gray. Though in this case, you probably do see most of what the color-sighted see. The most common form of colorblindness is the inability to see red and green: they both look the same, sort of gray.

For all of Angelo's friends: buy him lots of red and green socks, then mix them so there's one red sock paired with each green sock. Yes, it's a cruel world.

Jake (Hoover) said...

this is awesome! and it definitely entices me to come back and be a clubmate again... maybe when it gets up to $6/hr. LOL! PIC was actually ahead of that raise, when i was there, they raised all of their employees up to $3.55/hr (those who made $3.05/hr - ie: ME!).

this is awesome. i really hope CNMI recovers quickly... and it will definitely change the livelihoods there. can't wait.


Saipan Writer said...

I think we desperately need a hike in minimum wage. Our cost of living is higher than in the mainland, especially considering the costs of power, water and gasoline for our cars.

But I'm not so thrilled with this particular scheme. I tend to think that 50cents per year ISN'T ENOUGH. It's not enough to make a big difference to those getting it, but it's just enough to put the pinch on little businesses--so they'll be screaming about how it's hurting them, and no one will really be saying what a great boon it is.

I think we need a much bigger initial increase. jmho.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

There is nothing stopping the CNMI Legislature from raising the minimum wage faster than the federal law allows. You'll need help, but make it a campaign issue this year. Elect the people that say they will implement this faster.

Anonymous said...

Why not just jack it up to $20 an hour?

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Maybe someone other than Filipinos will get a job and actually show up at $20. Better make it $25 so they'll do actual work while there.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Anonymous commenters making outlandish statements don't add to the conversation.

The only people who think this is bad for the CNMI this so for selfish reasons. As a business owner, this may hit your back pocket, but it is going to be good in the long run for the people of the CNMI.

I just wish our local leaders had been more proactive. This has opened up the doors for the Federal Government to jump in everytime the local leaders screw up. Next up is immigration. What is after that? Article XII?

Frank said...

I read Ricky Delgados letter to the editor earlier today about Article 12 stating that it should be changed to allow investor to own land fee simple.

There is nothing wrong with Article 12. Dont try to fix something that is not broken. Non-indegenous individuals keep saying that it is one of the key laws that needs to be change to make the CNMI a better business climate for investors.

IMHO even if Article 12 is changed to allow fee simple ownership of land for non-indegenous individuals the business climate in the CNMI will still be the same.

Continental Airlines, is not cutting flights to the CNMI because of Article 12. Garment Factories (good riddance) are not closing shop because of Article 12.

Jeff said...

There is something wrong with Article XII. The few local families with the money are buying all the land up now from the desperate, then they'll use their political influence to end Article XII and they just created their own personal money machine. The prices will go up a lot overnight. The rich fuc*** over the poor once again. One of the reasons the U.S. econmomy hasn't imploded from war, deficits, income disparities and a neanderthal in office, is the fact that homes have increased in value and people have borrowed against it via home equity loans to go out and buy ipods and dinners and vacations, etc, non-existant here. One of the many reasons our economy blows is the lack of a credit market. 29 percent from Tony Soprano, I mean Wells Fargo, or Dial Rent to Own or the neighorhood loan shark. People think they'll get a free house on this, so let's just keep Article XII, but it severely limits the value of land, not to mention the racism that discriminates against those even born here. Plus valuable members of the community might actually stay here, where they have a home, instead of leaving as frequently as they do. Dr. Sawer and Dr. George, the two top surgeons at the hospital, just flew the coop. I've seen I don't know how many good teachers leave. They might stay if they had a home here.

If a business could only sell M&M's to people 6'4'' and above, would they sell more M&M's, would their be demand to drive the price up. It would be amazing if something as prone to screw ups as the federal government actually fixes the three things most messed up here: immigration, wages and Article XII.

This has gotten too long, I'm putting this on my own blog as well.