Monday, May 21, 2007

The people I admire most

The Saipan Blogosphere has been tagged! Is there anyone who hasn't reported 7 random facts/habits about themsleves? Oh, just Cinta? Well, I think she was too busy watching reruns of the OC. Yeah, right.

Dr. Khorram, er, um, I mean David, is trying to create his own blogging craze. I'm going to help him out. Here are the rules:

1. Write down all the different people that you admire
2. Explain why
3. Find a common thread between all the people
4. Go jump in the ocean

There is no need to tag other people.


In the tagging game, Walt and Dr. Khorram, er, um, I mean David, wrote about how they had to stop and think about what there were going to write.

Not me. I can crank out random fact after random fact after random fact. I'm only 28, but I've done a lot in those 28 years. I've been in a slightly uncomfortable state for most of my life, mostly because I've been schlepped around the globe since I was three years old. Coming up with stuff you don't know about me is pretty easy.

This one is a little bit harder. Who do I admire? For several of the people I admire, there are things I loathe about them, while some of the people that I wish were dead, have my respect in other regards. Only one person comes to mind as someone that I admire with no reservations, while only one person comes to mind who I truly, well, you know.

In his autobiography Travels, Michael Crichton wrote about how he went to some new age dirty hippy retreat and had to pick out two tarot cards from a deck. He had to pick out the one he liked the most and the one he liked the least. They went around the room and each person had to explain their choices.

Then they had to do the opposite. They had to explain what they liked about the card that they didn't like and they had to explain what they didn't like about the card that they liked.

This mental excercise is kind of like that...for me, anyways.

So, here it goes:

The person who I love and admire above all others is my mother. I loved and admired my father, but I had a few problems with Ramon. Both my parents taught me how I want to live my life, but more importantly, they also taught me how I don't want to live my life. I'll follow that train of thought with my shrink in about 20 years.

I admire Drs. Barry Allen, Lee Lines, Bruce Stephenson, and Mike Gunter at Rollins College. I want to be JUST LIKE you guys.

I admire Michael Moore. OK, better make that two people I admire with no reservations.

I admire George W. Bush and Karl Rove. Even though these two ass jockeys were able to really pull one over on America...twice...I think that Democrats have a lot to learn from them.

Other people on my list include Jesus Christ, Malcolm X, and anyone wearing a Red Sox uniform. On a side note, anyone who trades a Red Sox uniform for pinstripes deserves no less than (insert really bad punishment here).

The common thread?

The inability to keep quiet and keep still while others screw up the world around them. These are people who see an injustice and then take action seeking change...even if they end up screwing up the world even more. I guess I just like loudmouth activists. (I could make a joke about George W. Bush being unable to sit idly by while the peacemakers of the world try to turn the US into a nation full of sissies, but I won't).


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