Monday, May 07, 2007

PIC Soccer Tournament on Saturday

I want to participate in this:
3 ON 3 Soccer Tournament

Saturday May 12th, 2007 at the PIC Sports Field

Cost: $10 per person
Register by 9:00 AM
Games start by 10:00 AM

Format: Random draw 4-person teams
Players will be divided into three categories
1. Advanced, 2. Intermediate, 3. Beginner
And then placed on four person teams.
Number of games based on number of teams

What you get: Waterpark pass for the day
1/2 price WP passes for family/friends

**Players of all ability levels are welcome, but must be 14 or older**
I should probably play in the Beginner category, but since I was on the National Team, they'll probably put me in the Advanced category. Dang it!

I've only played soccer once since our game in Guam. The fat soccer player is back!


I played soccer this afternoon after the Micronesia Mural Challenge meeting. It felt great to run around again.

A Guam team is coming to Saipan on June 3 to play a against a CNMI team that has yet to be put together. The 20 or so guys who played on the National Team are ineligible for this game, you know, to give the other guys a chance to play, but I'm going to go out there every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday to help the home team train.

The team that Guam will face next month will be much more talented than the team they played last month. They are allowing non-US passport holders to play. I can't wait to kick some butt...or to at least cheer on my home team from the sidelines.


Marianas Life said...

do i need shin guards etc?

Shazam said...

I would wear them if you have them. It's all for fun but because there are newbies your shins are at risk. Your ribs too but that's a whole different story. It's very very fun!