Sunday, May 20, 2007

A tragic accident

The car accident that killed Vinae Sablan Deleon Guerrero happened right outside my apartment. I didn't hear it happen, but I saw it as I left for yesterday's soccer game. I stopped at Subway for some chow and snapped these two pictures from the parking lot.

The white sedan was the car Vinae was driving. The big white truck truck with the blue stripe right behind, on the left side, is the truck that ran into her. You can see that it got scratched up a bit, but wasn't damaged nearly as much as the car.

The newspaper reports that the truck was traveling northbound and that the car was either pulling out into traffic or changing lanes. The police report hasn't been finalized yet, but my guess is that she was pulling out into traffic to head south, when the truck hit her while traveling north. How fast must the truck have been travelling to completely collapse the driver's side of the car?

I didn't know Vinae, but I can only assume that she was a smart, young, beautiful person. What a tragic day.


Saipan Writer said...

This accident makes me want to cry. I didn't know Vinae, although her family lives in my neck of Saipan. A school friend text-messaged my daughter last night with the news. The photos of the car just make be gasp in horror.

No matter who's to blame, no amount of justice now can undo this damage. This family has had more than its share of troubles lately. They have my sincere condolences.

BoReGo said...

My sister was her teacher and is devastated too. I was driving by right after it happened. My thoughts and sympathies are with Vinae's family.