Sunday, June 03, 2007

Alright, I'm leaving already

I've got about an hour to kill before I head to the airport. My flight to Guam leaves at 4 AM.

My flight to Majuro leaves Guam at about 8 AM and I don't arrive in Majuro until after 7 PM. Majuro is two time zones ahead of Saipan, so the flight from Guam to Majuro is actually ONLY about 9 hours.

If 9 hours sounds like a long flight for crossing only two time zones, it is because we have two stops. I think the plane makes pit stops in Chuuk and Pohnpei. Thanks to 9/11 and the terrorist threat posed by Micronesian Environmentalists, I don't think we are allowed to get down from the plane when we make our pit stops. Bummer.

I'll be traveling with Jesus Borja, former Lt. Governor and current Chair of MINA, and Reina Camacho, DEQ's PIO and a MINA Board Member.

In other news, I'm all moved out of the old apartment. Marites and the FMI crew helped me with the final load of my junk and then they cleaned my apartment from top to bottom and side to side. I honestly didn't think it could get so clean. Seriously. I haven't seen the floor in months.

Getting all my stuff out of the old and into the new apartment was a miracle (that miracle's name is FMI). Even though we had a cleanup this morning and even though I went to the soccer game this afternoon, I still managed to get everything out.

I'm not going to announce where my new apartment is located just yet because it is probably not a good idea to announce on the Internet that your home will be empty for a week. Somebody might try to break in and steal all my Pokemon cards. But seriously...I've got all the good stuff going to Majuro with me. I've got both cameras, the underwater housing, and the computer. The only thing in the apartment are old clothes and a half eaten box of Cheezits.

Have you seen the way I dress? Would you really want to steal my clothes?


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The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

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Thanks for the Blog SPAM!

Saipan Writer said...

Wow, Angelo. You attract an interesting crowd! Perhaps because you mentioned Jesus, as in Jesus Borja! What do you think?

I just dropped by to say-- I share your philosophy about my clothes (well, and yours! haha!). Unfortunately, mine are usually what's in my luggage when I travel. And you know, of all the lost luggage, my nasty old stuff has always come through.

Does anybody want to nominate me for that Stacey and Clinton show "What Not to Wear"? Well, that would be fun, but I can't imagine wasting $5,000 on clothes. Well, not all for one person.