Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Flame Tree Planting of 2007

Community volunteers and adopt-a-tree patrons (from left to right): Brad Doerr of MINA, Angelo Villagomez, Sami Birmingham-Babauta, Beautify CNMI summer intern, Walt Goodridge, Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Aya Matsumoto of ISA CNMI, Joyie Lam, Captain Carl Brachear, John Griffin, Ken Kramer of Marianas RC&D, and Julian Aguon.

A year ago today, the Restoration Committee of Beautify CNMI launched with the planting of four Flame Trees along Beach Road. That planting kicked off a series of plantings that resulted in over 2000 new saplings being planted around Saipan.

Today's planting kicked off the tree planting season of 2007.

The trees planted today were planted as part of the Beautify CNMI Adopt-a-Flame Tree program. Many of the Flame Trees around Saipan are dying from fungus infection, typhoon damage, poor maintenance, and age. Beautify CNMI has a plan to replace all of the dying and missing trees.

Beautify CNMI will plant 150 Flame Trees this year. Each one is up for adoption. So far 83 have been adopted, so there about 70 left. The cost to adopt a tree is $20. Please contact me or donate online at the Beautify CNMI website to adopt a tree.

The trees planted today were adopted by Ken Kramer, Captain Carl Brachear, Aya Matsumoto, Joyie Lam and Rika Matsumoto, and John Griffin and Julian Aguon.

Most of the money will be used to pay for the planting of the trees. Any left over revenue will be used to support other Beautify CNMI projects, especially the planting of native trees.


Poetry said...

Of Fly Catchers and hidden lakes.

Of sleeping lizards and morning dew.

It is of birdsong and misty dawns

and fleeced clouds floating in a still pool.

The waters ripple awake in the gathering morn.

The first water birds head out for the far shore.

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Hong Kong said...

I think your flame tree project is great. Flame trees are one of my favorite memories from time living in the Marianas. Is there any concern that the fungal infections that the current trees suffer from will infect the batch you're planting?

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