Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nang!

Yesterday there was a birthday party for Cinta's mom. She just turned 73. She's the one in the middle, holding the fan:

Someone in the Kaipat Family figured that a 73 year old great grandmother would like to have a Power Puff Girls birthday cake:

Birthday CakeThe kids all got up on stage and sang "She Gave Us Love," which is a song that Gus composed about his Mom:

Kaipat Family SingersAll of the cool people on Saipan were there, like Willie and Aya Matsumoto from Pacific Eagle and Isa CNMI:

Saipan's #1 Korean Party Girl was there:

The Olomwaay band provided the entertainment. We even had a few guest appearances by Jun. The other Gus wasn't there, though. He said he had to go get medicine for his broken ankle. Nope. He was at Club V:
Aya and Miwa loved the live music. Japanese ladies sure know how to dance!



BoReGo said...

I like the blog in white, easier to read the posts.

Jake said...

beru wa suki ga ichi-POON!!! um, yeah.

maybe they should've drank another beer, the dance would have improved w/ each. i counted seven, i bet miwa drank at least 6 of those. LOL!