Saturday, June 09, 2007

I made the Japanese Blogosphere!

Can someone please translate this entry from CNMI Watcher:

Marianas Island Natures Alliance のエグゼクティブ・ディレクターAngelo Villagomez氏、CRM(Coastal Resource Management)natural resource plannerのKathy Yuknavage氏、DFW(Division of Fish and Wildlife)海亀保護ユニット・チーフJoe Ruak氏ら3名によって、絶滅危惧種であるアオウミガメの生態や、海中での映像などが紹介されました。

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earthboundkid said...

Sea Turtle Conservationists, Seeking Community Support:

A new sea turtle conservation group is using a video of injured animals to call for support from the community.

This group, Marianas Protection Program, called for the Micronesia Challenge Meeting held on Friday at Aqua Resort.

Three lecturers spoke about the threats to blue sea turtles.

Angelo Villagomez (Executive Director of the Marianas Island Natures Alliance), Kathy Yuknavage (Coastal Resource Management natural resource planner), and Joe Ruak (Division of Fish and Wildlife Sea Turtle Protection Unit Chief) introduced the ecology of the endangered blue sea turtle and a look of its life at sea.