Monday, June 11, 2007

Marshall Islands Trivia Contest

The last time I did a trivia contest, Hoover cheated. No cheating. The winner gets an 8x10 autographed headshot of Brad. Write down your answers in the comments section.

1. What is the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands?
2. When is the Marshall Islands Rainy Season?
3. What is the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas?
4. What is the name of the first European to sight the Marshall Islands?
5. When did the United States receive Trust Territoriship of Micronesia?
6. What year were the Marshall Islands admitted into the United Nations?
7. In October 31, 1952, where did the Ivy Mike test take place?
8. How many nuclear tests, under operation Red Wing, took place in the Bikini Islands?
9. What year did the United States Congress approve the Compact of Free Association between the United States and the Marshall Islands?
10. According to studies conducted after the Ivy Mike test, how many miles from the center of a nuclear blast would there be complete annihilation?


BoReGo said...

Can I just send you a link to the RMI website? Does that count for answering all the questions?

Saipan Writer said...

Oh Boni, You're too smart.

Some of us are lazy, so we just parade our ignorance by making foolish guesses:

1. Majuro?
2. Sept. to December?
3. Well here we have to be very creative-- Christopher Columbus "discovered" America in 1492, so let's see--is this the treaty that divided up the unknown (to Europeans) world between Portugal and Spain?
4. There are several possibilities, and I have no idea which one, so I'll guess Cook (or is that spelled Cooke?).
5. About 1947.
6. About 1987.
7. Well, Bikini? Enewetok? I'm guessing Bikini.
8. Too many. (If I had to guess a number, I'd say 246).
9. I think 1986, but maybe earlier and the US President signed off in 1986. why don't I know this?
10.too many again. (If I had to guess a number, I'd say the US underestimated and said something foolish like 19.)

I'll just check back for answers, since I'm on vacation and script frenzy is calling me (so I won't be checking the RMI webpage).

Taga man said...

I don't know all the answers..

2.Sept. thru november.
3. Divided up the world between portugues and spanish lands.
4.alonso de salazar
5. 1947
6. 1947
7. elugelab?
8. 23