Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sami and Mylene's Litter PSA

The students made four PSAs today with Harry Blalock. This one was made by Sami and Mylene.

This is going to play on 101.1 and 103.9 for (hopefully) the next couple of months.

They did one on turtles, too:


Want to download the PSAs to your mp3 player? Here you go:

Mylene and Sami: Pick That Up!

Rose, Ann, Hope, and Zoe: Beautify CNMI Song

Mylene and Sami: Walk It, Don't Drive It

Mark, Litcelle, Craig, and Tristan: Protect the Turtles


Harry Blalock said...

Very cool way of showcasing those videos using You Tube. We've been playing them all on the air, and I've already gotten some very positive feedback on them. Thanks for bringing the students in yesterday, we need to do things like that more often!

EJ said...

two girls are so cute.


I hate my voice. I was trying to sound badass but I think it didn't work. The PSAs are good but really, my voice is ugly! Lol.

Hope said...

That is so funny. Sami and MyLene sound so good. Good job guys!