Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thank you, Zaldy!

Zaldy Dandan wrote this Editorial on Friday:

I AM, once again, reminding those who send us letters to the editor that we do not, repeat, we DO NOT publish “names withheld” and those signed with aliases or pen names. That is why you don’t see certain letters from certain “persons” on these pages. We know they are not the real names of the individuals who wrote them.

Once you send us letters, we will get in touch with you, through e-mail or phone, to verify that you did send us the letter, and that it bears your real name.

Anonymous letters show intellectual cowardice. It defeats the notion, as a Virginia university professor once said, of a free and open marketplace where individuals openly defend their ideas. We want our readers to know where our opinion writers are coming from, the better to judge their views. And we want the citizens of this democratic community to speak out freely knowing, at the same time, that they, too, are accountable for what they say in public.
Thank you, Zaldy!

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