Monday, July 16, 2007

A Battle is Raging

Only one shall be named Saipan's Sexiest Male Blogger...and it doesn't look like it will be me. In fact, it doesn't look like I'll even make the top three. That honor currently goes to:

#3 - Dr. David Khorram

Alright, this one I can understand. Chicks dig doctors. Enough said.

Brad Ruszala#2 - Brad Ruszala

Are all of our voters short Asian girls? Is that why Captain Guns is getting so many votes?

Sure he has a face that only a mother could love, but he is on the National Football Team, cracks a funny joke once in a while, and can drink more strawberry daquiris that a freshman Delta Delta Delta.

I would never suggest that a voter not vote for a candidate (no mudslinging in this contest!), but I'm not looking forward to listening to Brad talk about being Saipan's Sexiest Man Blogger for the rest of, well, eternity.

#1 - Harry Blalock

Alright, I don't own a radio, so I don't listen to Harry's show. Is he campaigning on his radio show? Is he telling listeners that he'll only play their requests if they log on and vote for him? Has he dumped the Save the Turtle PSAs in favor of Vote for Harry PSAs?

Perhaps the blog readers of the world think that an old bald guy not afraid to speak his mind is sexy? Nah, that can't be it.

Well, this contest will run until I decide it is over. If you haven't voted, please vote. If you have a blog, please write a testimonial about who you think should be Saipan's Sexiest Man Blogger. I will add a link to it.

The funnier, the better. In fact, now that I think about it, why not go ahead and write a testimonial about which of the candidates is Saipan's Least Sexiest Man Blogger. Mudslinging is now OK.


Jeff said...

I'm shaving my head to endorse
Harry. Oh wait.

Harry Blalock said...

Angelo, you can go ahead and pull me off the poll. At this point I'm not sure I'm going to continue blogging anyway.

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

What's the matter HB? Your blog is great.

bradinthesand said...

no fair using my drunk ass pix from new year's eve! we all looked like that--even before those ku-ray-zee garus came into play...

The Fish said...

angelo, you'd definitely be in the running too for top three with this picture:


is it ok if i add DAILY PIC to my blogroll?