Monday, July 30, 2007

The Comeback Kid?

Sometimes the reach of the Internet is amazing. Check out the locations that have cast a vote in the Best Saipan Blog poll:

Best Saipan Blog Poll LocationsI know who voted for us in Mongolia and Costa Rica. How about the other places? Who are you people?

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Taotao Tano President Greg Cruz is going to testify at the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee hearing next month. He is asking people to write testimonies to be included with his. You can read the Taotao Tano blog for more details.

I've written here and here that I like 95% of what Taotao Tano wants to do. They see themselves as a grassroots advocacy group for the mostly powerless indigenous people. They are very good at identifying many of the ills of our society, like addiction and high utility bills, but they are blaming the wrong people for causing them.

Contract workers did not cause our problems; the people who created the system that brought them here did. The sooner they realize that the plight of the contract worker is the same as the indigenous citizen, the better.


Dengre is making some noise over at Dailykos. He's pissed off that the Tan's donated $10,000 to Hilary. How does he know the Tan's aren't Democrats?

Hilary raised almost $40,000,000 in 2006 and I doubt she even knows that she has that $10,000 donation. To put it in perspective, the ratio of her total donations to the Tan donation is the same as the ratio of my annual salary and a $5 bill.

Still, Hilary should donate $20,000 to MINA to clear the air. Hell, why not make it $40,000?


I am being interviewed by someone at Rollins College later today for an alumni profile in the Alumni Magazine. I'll keep you posted.


Jeff said...

Wasn't Bill Clinton the comeback kid. EJ should love this.

bradinthesand said...

she's not into cigars

Envelop Ideas said...

582 responses (still counting), that's a lot of noise..

Rick Vaughn said...

I voted in the poll, I used to live on Saipan but now teach in Korea.

Since when do you have to take up with the Republicans to live on Saipan?

Melissa said...

Hey, Rick, believe me when I tell you, us Republicans (us, meaning me... around here anyway) seem to be in the minority!

And I'll save my pithy Hilary comments for the next time I have a beer with Jeff... which is way overdue!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Seems to be alot of activity around the beltway.

Suppose Nader is ringing in?

Anonymous said...

Taotao Tano group should know who are the good and bad Filipino groups in the CNMI and i do understand if they want those group to be out of the CNMI. I agree with the Taotao Tano those people does not desrve to be here in the CNMI and they should go home because i do believe that they don't have now a Job. Dekada don't deserve the respect of others, bacause you don't have knowlegde of who they really are, if the goverment will sent us back home, Dekada does not care at all, because they have nothing to lost. (Put that in your record please). I am one of the very proud Filipino who is not afraid of going back to my own country. For Taotao Tano and Dekada Groups, my question is, are this people willing to clean and can they really work hard as the other group who have given so much time for the community? I really hope that people could just let the goverment do there Job and people should support it and find a way to solve the problem. I have really seen a lot of very unrespect people, and i have learn that keeping me quiet, is not going to do us good. I have been very watchful for those people who are not happy in life. I think we should be all positive, rather than negative.

Thanks and God Bless Us All!

Anonymous said...

I am really very proud of what i've always heard to other Filipino's. They keep saying that we rather have our Job than being a US Citizen. CNMI people should listen to other Filipino of what they really want. I agree of those people, who just want to keep there Job rather than wasting time of what other groups fighting for. I want the CNMI people to know that some of the Dekada members has no Job, but has a employer in the CNMI. Now, can you tell us please if this people really care for us? They don't have a Job! They have nothing to lost even the goverment will send us back home. What they care about is, Ofcourse publicity which almost everyday and the newspapers, believe me, the President of Dekada is very happy because Wendy Durumal even helping him now. I've read the newspaper today that MOVER Inc. have given now support to Dekada. MOVER Inc. is now a political group (which it's not really surprized), because they really started it as a MOVER Inc. In 2006 and the new President came in (Miss. Castillo) was really determine to make alot of changes and not to let anyone to use the MOVER Inc. in any political agenda, then Dekada keep a distance and did not support the MOVER Inc. for the 2006. I do understand why MOVER Inc. have to support the Dekada, well, did you notice the President of that group didn't mention? hemmmm!!!! i smell Fishy now. I think people of the CNMI should really look at it as one of the problem, labor should go and find theme, because i am very sure that they will find those employee's without a Job's!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good day!

Jeff said...

I'm not a fan of Hillary Melissa, but it's the closest we can get to Bill's much needed third term. Those were the days when the biggest problem was a horney leader, not death, Haliburton profiteering, billions on war instead of education and health, global alienation, erosion of civil rights and a lackey for an AG.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I doubt most American's would want a return to the peace and prosperity of the 1990's