Friday, July 13, 2007


The new and FINAL Harry Potter book comes out a week from today.

My name is the second one on the list of people that have reserved a copy at Saipan's only bookstore, Bestseller Books. For weeks they have told me that I would be able to buy the book at midnight.

They lied.

They are not going to be selling the book at midnight; I am going to have to wait until 9 AM.

I hate you, Bestseller Books....and I'll see you at 9 AM next Saturday.


bigsoxfan said...

Think you have it bad. I just posted on the how well the 'sox were doing. Manny and the big guy, especially. That was in the third inning. In the ninth, they both flied out with two on and lost 6-5. I invoked the curse and now I have to spend the rest of the day living with it. As with your book, there is always tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow morning.

A G Gatto said...

I haven't read a single page of a HP book. Nor have I seen any of the movies.

I'm sure it's good for kids, but it's just not my bag.


Amy said...

You've waited for ten years (...if you're like me). What's another nine hours?

Gotta say, though, that the only wait which compared to this one was the wait for the 5th. That may have been worse.

Winter Park Fords said...

At least you can buy the English version! Kev is going to have to wait until we go home to buy it.