Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friends, coming and going

Yesterday afternoon the CNMI said hello to Andrew and Suz, Rota's newest residents. They were on Saipan for about three hours yesterday. They only had enough time to go on a quick Axe Murderer Tour with Harry and me and to drink a few beers under the Flame Trees near the airport.

Welcome to the CNMI, Andrew and Suz!

The CNMI is also about to say goodbye to Evan (he's the dirtiest and sweatiest guy in this picture). Evan's been playing soccer with us for about a month, playing in three of our Coed Soccer games. He'll be off to medical school in a few weeks.

Thanks for visiting, Evan!

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Marianas Eye said...

Will these games of tag never end!?

Not when I'm creating new ones.

Check out my entry from today (the Tribune Column on Work Ethic.)