Friday, July 20, 2007


Brad RuszalaWhy is Brad winning the Saipan's Sexiest Male Blogger poll? Oh, I know. He's sending out mass emails and posting bulletins on Myspace, that's why.

Jeff Turbitt has decided to hit back. His campaign has gone negative.

It is not too late to vote or to change your vote. In a post-9/11 Saipan, we can't have someone like Brad named as Saipan's Sexiest Male Blogger.

Think of the children.



bradinthesand said...

That's just plain wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong...

...but it's funny as hell.

Saipan Writer said...

Remind me to NEVER enter politics against you or Jeff.

Well, remind me to never enter politics.

Well, I don't need a reminder.

Great job on the negative campaign. And as Brad says--funny as hell. Glad to know that Karl Rove's work has not been in vain.