Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just Another Weekend

Alright, enough with the polls and negative attack ads. Let's get this blog back to being a blog about life in Saipan.

(I'll add pictures when I upload them from my camera)

Saturday morning Mariana Island Nature Alliance hosted a cleanup of Mina Drive in As Matuis. MINA alternates between cleaning up Mina Drive and Wing Beach on the third Saturday of each month. There was no one to lead the cleanup last Saturday, so we held it this Saturday instead.

The road is pretty clean now. We only picked up about two garbage bags full of aluminum cans, juice boxes, and food wrappers. We spent most of the time hacking away at the sword grass choking out the da'ok trees we planted several months ago. We'll have to keep doing that until the trees are taller than the grass, which I swear can grow 10 feet tall.

After the cleanup I had breakfast with Aya and Honda at Cafe at the Park. I had fried rice and more coffee than any human should consume in one sitting.

EJ had a soccer game later that afternoon against Fiesta Inter, the team currently sitting atop of the standings in the NMIFA Men's League. Brad and I conspired to cook sausages and drink beer while they played.

Afterwards the three of us went to a rosary for Kyle's Dad.

On Sunday, Kyle and Dennis' volunteer group, Team Chura Talu, hosted their monthly cleanup of Dandan Village. Every month we walk from the CPA Airport Field to the Roundhouse in San Vicente, picking up trash along the way. This time we threw in a Flame Tree planting.

We planted 4 trees at the CPA Airport Field and 19 trees along the road leading up to Dandan. We broke up into groups. Some of us measured out the distance between the trees, others dug holes, somebody would plant the trees, then the older boys cut wooden stakes and marked the trees with red flagging tape. Everyone else who wasn't planting trees picked up trash. In total we planted 23 trees and picked up 200 lbs of trash.

I took it easy for most of the afternoon in anticipation of my first game in the NMIFA Men's League. Last week was the first week of the season, but because there is an odd number of teams, one team has to sit out each week. Last week was our turn.

I'm playing on a team called the Independents, sponsored by Wild Bill's. The team I played for last year wanted to cut their roster to 18 players, and I didn't make the cut. I hopped on over to Independents, who were more than happy to have me play with them.

Last season Independents didn't win a single game, so we are definitely the underdogs in this league.

Not anymore.

We beat the other team, PTI, 7-1. I'd say that's a decisive victory.

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