Monday, July 09, 2007

MP Magazine

Have you picked up your copy of MP Magazine? Here is the part about me, from page 51:


Like many of Saipan's bloggers, Cinta finds inspiration in the blog of Angelo Villagomez. Still in his twenties, the internet has been an intimate part of his entire adult life. (He learned of the death of his father, the late Justice Ramon Villagomez, via a computer instant message from his brother.) He understands the internet, and has mastered its nuances.

Type the word Saipan into a Google search, and Angelo's blog, The Saipan Blogger, will come up on the very first page. It's not there by accident. Angelo is a diligent student of search engine optimization, the process by which a site appears high on a search engine ranking. His blog receives some 500 visits (or "hits") a day-about 75 from Saipan and the rest from around the world. And during a period of madness when people were searching for scandalous photos of a beauty queen, Angelo had a link to those photos on his blog. Result: 5,000 hits a day.

You can read the rest of David Khorram's Blogging and Bloggers story by picking up the magazine. There are also articles about Article XII, betel nut, mixed martial arts. There are girls in bikinis, too.

You can pick up MP Magazine at Joeten. It isn't displayed very prominently in the store, so you may have to ask where they've stashed them. Go pick up a copy and support the newest magazine published in the CNMI.

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