Friday, July 27, 2007

On removing you from my links

Check your stats.

I am the number one referrer to Marianas Eye (268 hits), Saipan and other random hypercritical thoughts (526 hits), and The CNMI Blog (638 hits),

I am the number two referrer to Harry's World (133).

Land of the Ayuyu, Saipan Saipanuvian Speaks, Middle Road, and Because I Said So! do not have eXTReMe Tracking on their blogs, but I bet I give them a good number of referrals.

And for some reason Saipan's Beach Boy Blog has never registered a blog referral from me. I don't know why, but still, sorry, Brad.


Since a good portion of my competition's traffic originates from me, I think that silencing the competion is a good idea.

Is a media blackout ethical? All's fair in Love, War, and Saipan's Best Blog Contest!

When the campaign is over you'll get your links back (in the sidebar)

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