Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saipan's Sexiest Male Blogger Revealed

After 248 votes, here are the results for Saipan's Sexiest Male Blogger:

1. Brad Ruszala - 29.8%
2. David Khorrma - 21.8%
3. Jeff Turbitt - 19.8%
4. Angelo Villagomez - 15.7%
5. Harry Blalock - 14.9%
6. Gus Kaipat - 8.1%
7. Bruce Bateman - 5.6%
8. Walt Goodridge - 4.8%

Brad needs this more than us.

Brad RuszalaBrad gets nothing. Now he has to take Boni, her husband, and all of their kids out on a date.


Saipan Writer said...

Obviously, there's something terribly wrong with the poll if Walt comes in last place!

Ah, well. Sexy isn't everything.

bradinthesand said...

And Angelo couldn't have found a sexier picture to flatter me. A perfect end to a funny contest.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

An obvious case of blatant discrimination!

See the raging protest fueled by righteous indignation at

EJ said...

EWww. why Brad? i wanted Harry to win

Walt said...

awwww, Thanks, Saipan Writer, that's so sweet....

But it turns out that after weeks of physically exhausting, um, campaigning, pressing of flesh, and quite favorable straw polls, I was targeting a demographic which, unfortunately, does not have internet access! Where's Karl Rove when you need him???