Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Taotao Tano: Listen Up!

Like a lot of people, I disagreed with Taotao Tano's "Go Home" and "This is OUR Land" protest signs. What a great way to kill any ounce of credibility that your group might have.

I went to the last Taotao Tano meeting and it seemed like they had a lot of good ideas and were concerned with a lot of important social issues facing our community. I had high hopes for Taotao Tano and it saddens me that they are blinded by their racism.

The immigration status of foreign contract workers is probably one of the most important issues facing our islands, but their protests sound eerily similar to the "Nigger, Go Back to Africa" philosophy of the Ku Klux Klan and the Republican Party.

There are so many issues facing this island. Blind racial hatred should not be one of them.

Taotao Tano has already identified a lot of the issues. They are concerned with the mismanagement of CUC, the legalization of marijuana, and a host of other things.

I'd like to add to that list:

1. Jack Abramoff, part II

The Governor just decided that he's going to pay a lobbyist $15,000 per month (that's $180,000 per year) to represent the CNMI during Federalization. Hiring Jack Abramoff worked out so well; I'm glad to hear that our leaders don't worry about repeating their mistakes the way I do.

Taotao Tano should be pissed about that. How many jobs is $180,000 per year? I could hire 15 professional beautifiers at $6.25/hour and have them spend 40 hours per week cleaning up this island. For minimum wage I could hire 30.

What is better for our economy, having more people dedicated to improving our tourist destination or paying off Joe Biden's grandson?

2. John Del Rosario publicly speaking out against Article XII

Taotao Tano should also be pissed off that the Secretary of Public Lands is publicly supporting getting rid of Article XII. It is good to know that the guy in charge of the majority of the land in the CNMI is in favor of selling it off for a one time profit. I just know he'll do the right thing when the time comes.

Alright, that's enough for now. I have to go cleanup the Lighthouse. Public Service beckons.

Have a Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!


A G Gatto said...

Nationalism, in the absence of a feudal, oppressive system is always a bad idea. Further, nationalism is almost always linked to ethnicity and leads to racist ideologies, which, of course, lead to violence.

While I'm not there yet, please allow me to propose that the idea that should be cultivated is that no fault should lie with the immigrant him or herself, nor his or her place of origin; but rather, it should lie with the (suspect) corrupt policy that has brought them there, and the corporation(s) that are benefiting from this policy at everyone's expense.

In my opinion, it wouldn't matter if these people were from mars. For, in a separate sense, they are victims just as the citizens who host them; and as victims one and all, the blame should be directed elsewhere.

This problem is age-old in the US mainland and is so grand that is partly what defines 'the Great 48.' I hope to cover this issue in detail when we get there.


Jeff said...

I never thought I'd be uttering these words: John DelRosario is dead right.

Jeff said...

And like the Talking Heads said, Stop Making Sense on the Beautify CNMI analogy. Go read about all the things you can do instead of Iraq and you'll similarly want to vomit.

It is an unbelievably bad idea to keep paying off this lobbyist, who obviously failed on his first disgusting mission to keep the minimum wage at the putrid $3.05.

Anonymous said...

Ku Klux Klan = KKK

Taotao Tano = TTT

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

A note on my use of the N-word:

My association with the GOP was meant to be a not so gentle stab at the political party that still blindly supports the mismanaged war in Iraq.

I actually associate the KKK with the NRA, NASCAR, and anyone who eats squirrel.

B. Fife said...

Most NASCAR fans are Democrats. Yes they do like squirrel.

Saipan Writer said...

Interesting news.

I'm disgusted about the lobbyinst. Isn't there anything we can do to STOP THIS!

Some of us actually want federalization. None of us want to waste our money on a lobbyist, do we? What can we do? Ideas, anyone?

And as for Article XII--there is a lot of room to argue about it. It hasn't really worked out as originally designed. It's not as big a failure as the immigration control (which was supposed to protect the CNMI from too much immigration, but instead turned into a way to allow in more aliens than the economy or infrastucture could support), but it hasn't been a success, either.

I'm not sure that getting rid of Article XII will hurt the CNMI or the indigenous people. But I understand the desire of the indigenous to keep holds on their land. I'm still waiting to hear more on the subject before I make up my mind.