Saturday, July 14, 2007

Unofficial NMIFA Blog

The Master List of Saipan Blogs now stands at 97 blogs. Anyone know of three more blogs that I haven't found yet?

One of those 97 is the new Unofficial NMIFA Blog, started by Brad and me. I want it to be a blog written by the NMIFA players, for the players...and anyone else who wants to read it.

Are you an NMIFA player/blogger? Want to contribute?

Just send me an email and I'll add you.


A G Gatto said...

Suz is starting a blog that sisters Rota HS with Palisades HS here in PA.

She's picking a name for it. I'll let you know.


BoReGo said... it just opened, have to teach the girls how to post.

SaipanLin said...

hey angelo-
manhattanite in paradise.blogspot. com...

Mark Birmingham said...

Hafa Adai Angelo:

Just started a Blog. Could you post on master list please.