Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I do not trust Wendy Doromal

A few weeks ago I had lunch with Wendy Doromal. I let her talk and gave her my opinion on a few of the things that she is working on.

Afterwards, I shared my opinion of her and our conversation with a few close friends.

I didn't trust her. I thought she was a very unhappy person and I felt that she was trying to get me to say something that she could use as ammo for her crusade. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, though, and chose not to write about it on this blog.

Turns out I was right. She just started a diary on Dailykos and finished with:

This trip to the CNMI I met with a young Chamorro man in Saipan. He told me nonchalantly that to him “the guest workers are invisible.” I believe that some things cannot be seen just with eyes; they require a heart to be fully realized.
Up yours, Wendy.

Honestly. Nonchalantly? You completely took what I told you out of context. I was explaining to you that the average person in the Marianas does not see the abuses. I believe I was using myself as an example.

I live alone, so I don't have a maid. I don't own land, so I don't have a farmer. With the exception of one friend's girlfriend, I've never talked to someone who works at a garment factory. I don't have regular contact with the victims of abuse. I don't see them at bars and they don't play coed soccer. I have many friends (like my girlfriend!) who are contract worker professionals, but those are not people affected by minimum wage issues, labor abuses, and so on.

I don't see the abuses. Ever. As far as I am concerned, they are invisible and happen in places that I don't frequent. Most of the people my age and income level probably feel the same way.

That doesn't mean we have no heart. That just means we have no idea that it is going on. These people are invisible. They have no power. They have no access to media. That is one reason it has been able to continue for so long. This is a fact of life, not the agenda of some foreigner hating ignorant Chamorro.

You presented me as such. You know that is not true. I went to the best public high school in the very county in Florida in which you teach. I told you that I was raised by a single American mother. I told you that I have lived in Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, England, and Japan, yet you presented me as some ignorant, heartless island wahoo.

Again, up yours. And lest you misunderstand me, up yours.

You have lost all credibility in my eyes.


Looks like Dengre has taken me off of his blogroll over this.


Wendy is blatantly trying to paint Chamorros as heartless uncaring monsters who turn a blind eye to human rights abuses. Do I not do enough out here to make these islands a better place? Do I have to take on every single crusade by every single liberal living in the Mainland in order to be considered human?

The sad thing about this is that I support what Wendy and Dennis are trying to do. I would love to see the Marianas clean up their act, but they insist on insulting the people that live out here...even the ones that could be their best allies!


(takes a deep breath)

Alright, even though Wendy is a self-serving untrustworthy propagandist, I'll post this video of the candle light vigil held tonight:

I was driving home from tonight's COED Soccer game (we lost 4-2, dang it) and saw a parade of people walking along Beach Road. I followed the line of people and found them assembling in front of the Club Elan entrance to the Hyatt.

I assume David Cohen and the other important people are staying there.

I'd estimate that there were about 1,500 people there. I think that is the biggest Federalization related protest so far.


I saw the driver of this car littering today:

litterbugIf you know the driver of this car, please share this link with them.


Tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM I am going to be on Radio Australia talking about the Micronesia Challenge. I think I'm going to be on the In the Loop program, but I'm not sure. I just know that they are going to call me around 1 PM. I am actually going to be on at 1:30. I think you can listen HERE.


Marites said...

My dear Friend Angelo, please don't waste your time with those NONSENSE people like Wendy. Angelo, 1,500 peoples are nothing! There's a lot of Filipino who does not like Dekada. Just think how many Filipino in the CNMI? By the way, chech my blog cause someone make a comment. I think he's a Dekada member.

bradinthesand said...

By the way, "envelop ideas" is Wendy Doromal's account. Just thought you should know...

I think that makes me a pirate now too.


Wendy said...

Dear Angelo

Oh my goodness. I in no way made a reference to you. Please reread what I said. I did not talk about you. Brad in the Sand -I am not envelop ideas. I sign everything I write.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

So you met with another young chamorro man who happened to tell you the exact thing that I told you? Wouldn't that mean that two young chamorro men told you that?

Nice try.

You clearly did not reference me by name, but I know what I said. I remember what we talked about.

You are trying to make all Chamorros look like uncaring heartless thugs.

Lewie Tenorio said...

OMG, Wendy! You had lunch with Angelo, too?! I thought I was your only Chamorro Man.
BTW, you misunderstood me, I said, “the guest workers are unbeatable at endurance sports.” Yes, I do have heart, but these guys are just too tough to beat.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Wendy, so who paid for your trip and that of your friends to come here and stir up resentment and rehash old obsolete complaints from when you actually lived here more than a decade ago?

Are we supposed to believe that on a schoolteacher’s salary you, out the kindness of your heart, came 10,000 miles to the imagined aid of these contract workers? Not bloody likely.

I would say you are the character equivalent of a paid assassin. Paid likely by the same cabal of malcontents that have instigated the federal takeover of local governance here out of greed and revenge. Pelosi/Miller/Stayman and fostered, or should I say festered, by dung and his gang of propagandists.

Like all assassins, you are a pawn. Like all assassins, you are expendable. They will feed you to the sharks when the direct link is discovered.

You should sign on as “Windy” not Wendy.

Saipan Writer said...

It's too bad she didn't actually get your point, Angelo, because it's a good one. It helps demonstrate that problems can exist without people knowing about them. And it also helps show that life here for many people is not filled with alien-worker problems, but rather with work, family, friends and that Saipan is a good place to live on the whole.

Marites said...

Someone that does not have DIGNITY and INTIGRETY should not be trusted Angelo.

Marites said...

Oh! i forget to say this - My understanding is when I signed my 1st Contract (12 years ago) is only for my Job and only for 1 year contract, but it happened that they keep me for so many years because of my performance. I don't see any promise for Citizenship or Permanent Job. There's a lot of us who's happy here with the people of the CNMI!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Those thousands of you who are happy here won't be heard, Marites. You are among the uninvited to speak at todays hearing. Lots of others were uninvited as well.

There is a slam dunk in progress.

G said...

just because every slave, during the times of slavery, may not have been unhappy with the social norm and their living conditions does not negate the fact that the issue of slavery was wrong. just because the status quo at the time said that it was okay to own humans does not mean it didn’t need to be changed. granted foreign workers in the cnmi are not in the exact same shoes as slaves were, the issues surrounding their circumstance do not have to remain the same and those that are unhappy with conditions should be allowed to address their concerns. i don't understand the mentality. if people can not come to terms with the fact that foreign labor as whole in the cnmi is viewed in general as a second class and that there is rampant discrimination, then i can only say they must be looking at things in a much different way than i do.

i want so badly to go on but it will have to wait until i have time.

please read this quote (emphasis added):
"These people are invisible. They have no power. They have no access to media. That is one reason it has been able to continue for so long. This is a fact of life, not the agenda of some foreigner hating ignorant Chamorro."

i don't know if i am the only person posting that understands why i put emphasis where i did.

glen hunter

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Thank you for your comment, Glen.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

...and I'm very proud of you for finally growing the balls to attach your name to a comment on this blog.

Jeff said...

I don't understand your emphasis.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I believe that he's saying that I'm ignorant and that I dehumanize contract workers by referring to them using pronouns.

Wendy said...

To Bruce -My husband and I paid for my trip. No one contributed. Of course, there are many happy people in the CNMI. It is a beauiful place with many wonderful and talented people. That does not mean there are problems with many guest workers. A paid assasin?

To Angello. You made a one sentence statement with no clarifications, no explanation and that is how I (and the other person at lunch) interpretted it. You have explained that my interpretation was wrong so I am sorry if I offended you. My remark was not attributed to you -it was about the one sentence statement. It was not an attack on you or all Chamorros- it was an observation about "guest workers being invisible". As I told you I have close friends who are Chamorros. I never portrayed anyone as heartless monsters. In fact, I have friends that assist guest workers with labor problems and they are Chamorros. Why is it that so many people think that people who care about the guest workers hate Chamorros? I don't hate anyone. No I am not a racist and I never meant to insult you. I admire your work and what you are doing and I told you that.

Lewie -Yes, I had dinner and lunch with other Chamorros (not you) and yes, I have dear friends who are Chamorros.

Brad in the sand -I am not envelop ideas. I never called anyone a pirate -that was someone else. I am not a name caller. I sign everything I write.

Glen -thank you for getting it.

To Saipan writer -Problems can exist without people knowing about them, but anyone who lives in the CNMI should know that many guest workers have serious problems. Just by reading the paper one would know. Again, because there are problems, does not mean that there is also joy for others, beauty in the place, and wonderful people living in the CNMI

Marites -I am glad you don't have problems with your employer and you have a beautiful experience in the CNMI. Of course, not every situation is bad and I never said that was the case. Sadly, too may guest workers do have bad situations. Pointing out that there are abuses or problems does not mean that one is attacking others or attacking a place. It's a sad fact that there are many people suffering here. I met with them, I know them, and I hope they too can find a wonderful experience like you.

I wish you all the best.


Augustin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A G Gatto said...

In my brief experience, I never met a Chamorro who I wouldn't consider a friend, especially when walking the long road to Sinapalo.


Envelop Ideas said...

to ms. steaker, just concentrate on FMI's endeavour, Dakada's problem is not your forte.

to mr. brad, im not wendy's account, im not invisible, im real, I always read your blog too. Do you have problem with that?

10 points for glen, 0 for bruce, and 6 for Angelo...fine let's make it 7.

to jeff, you are still my favorite blogger as I have told you.

to ms. wendy, upon watching the first installment of the hearing (thanks MCV), Rep. Donna mentioned receiving your written testimony before Cohen testify. Are you happy now?

Kudos to all bloggers here!

Silly Socrates said...

Silly Socrates signs everything he write too. Do Greeks and Chamorros get along these days? (Yawns as he takes a bite at his gyros).

bradinthesand said...

i never have a problem with people reading my blog.

i was speaking about a tip from someone who heard you utter the exact words you used in one of my blog's comment section while you were at a recent meeting--a meeting which people voted on the issue of boycotts.

thanks for reading though.


Envelop Ideas said...

apparently the tip was wrong. You should shoot your messenger.

bradinthesand said...

my bad. care to message me the truth? my oath of anonymity will prevail. i will never again question who you are or your ties should you call me at 287-2723...

it's up to you. i would think that me posting my cell phone publicly would count for something to my intent.

if that's not enough for you, just call me anyway and we'll converse over the phone free from the possibility of me revealing your identity.

i may be a "dick" as one has stated, but i am not a liar and have never outed my fellow bloggers.

care for a civil exchange? not that i am booking for the mantle of credibility, but i would never be able to make such an offer if i outed someone.

even if you don't like me, i am not the ass that will compromise your identity.

it's up to you...

BoReGo said...

Stone the ignorant Chamorros! I'll jump on the campaign trail. Maybe we should all stop road waving and stand by Beach Road flogging ourselves. And how dare happy people feel happy? Listen Marites: no matter how good you think you have it, there is always something wrong in your life to focus on. Look deep within, there must have been something bad you can hang on to. Help us here. Seriously folks. Socrates: I want a gyro!

Envelop Ideas said...

Para hafa Brad!

Quit hanging under the shades of "grapevine". Do the fieldwork yourself next time.

Biba Brand! Peace...

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