Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I finally saw Superman Returns and other random nonsensical thoughts

What a great frickin' movie!

It makes me want to go beat up smart, bald people!

...like Lex Luther

...but I guess the smart part leaves out Harry and Jeff.

I could so be the Saipan Superman. I just need blue eyes, a pair of blue and red tights, and more hair gel. It would probably help if I was six inches taller and invincible, too.

Details, details, details...


Speaking of evil, bald masterminds, one of the SAVE kids at Saturday's cleanup of Laly 4 walked up to me and said, "I think Harry has a better blog."

SAVE Beach CleanupHer Mom works at Harry's radio station. Damn you, Blalock, damn you.


Speaking of my potty mouth, David Cohen referred to one of my "profanity laced blogs" when I spoke with him a few weeks ago.

Yeah, I know I use some naughty words in my posts. They often get me banned at PSS and they make me sound like a pirate. Pirates are bad.

I will try not to swear anymore. Do or do not, there is no try.

There. David Cohen just had a positive impact in the Marianas.

See, not all Sith Lords, er, um, I mean, Republicans, are bad.



Kudos to the Division of Fish & Wildlife for apprehending two men fishing inside the Managaha Conservation Zone. The Saipan Tribune reports that they were caught over the weekend.

These guys were fishing just outside of the area where tourists snorkel:

Illegal FishingClick on the image to pull up a larger version. You can see the concrete dock on the right and the buoys marking the swim zone right behind the two guys.

...and in case you can't get a good look at their faces, here are a couple of close ups:

I hope that Fish & Wildlife does the right thing.


Speaking of doing the right thing, what ever happened to the guy who did this:

This anchor belongs to the Pioneer III. Boatinfoworld.com says that the Pionoeer III belongs to someone named Danilo T Anguilar in Guam.

Could that be local lawyer Danilo Aguilar? I wonder if anyone ever contacted him concerning what his boat did to our coral reefs.


Also, this is very important.


This is even more important.


Jeff said...

The SAVE kid was right Superman, not that I'm smart enough to tell.

Brad said...

It's ridiculous that this boat owner wasn't arrested and/or fined. I mean, when people have photographs and video of you committing a crime, how much is there for the police to really do? Should be pretty simple for them once all the evidence has been spoon fed to them.

Brad said...

And Angelo, you might get a kick out of the Star Wars posting on my blog from ages back. And I replied to your other comment on Harry's blog.

It should be good to have another jedi around. Someone else to meditate on the Force with. Hopefully while diving.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Miss South Carolina is obviously a left wing propagandist planted in the pagent to spread their statist platform. You can tell by the way she gets right to the point of her discussion of geography. Sounds suspiciously like Hellary.

Jeff said...

Tell Cohen to send that memo to Cheney the next time he's out of his coffin since the VP had his own lapses on mic and in the senate.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


You know what? You know how many posts use the F-bomb?

Only 6.

Guess how many use shh.....?

6 Again.

Maybe my potty mouth isn't as bad as David Cohen says it is.