Monday, August 13, 2007

On Activist Judges

I haven't had the inspiration to write lately.

I've been thinking and I've noticed that this lack of writing just happens to coincide with my decision to stop drinking alcohol. Following that train of thought logically (It's common sense! I'm been saying it for years!), it would appear that I published most of this blog while under the influence of alcohol.

Most or all of it should probably be ignored.

You've been warned.


I think the voters of the Marianas are getting a not so gentle shafting right now. After TinFrica submitted their petition to redraw the districts on Saipan and reduce the number of Representatives in the House, the Supreme Court decided to redraw the districts and increase the number of lawmakers.

Paying for the salaries associated with those two seats alone will increase the Marianas budget by half a million dollars.

Even worse, the people of the Marianas are paying for this shafting because the Court decided to reimburse TinFrica for their expenses.

Now with less than three month until Election Day, the Election Commission has to redraw the precinct lines, educate the public about the changes, and recertify candidates who have been moved to a new precinct. They also had to reopen the candidate application process. Potential candidates now have until August 30 20 (oops) to submit their paperwork to run for office.

That gives the Election Commision barely two months to certify all candidates, inform voters of who is running, and so on and so on.

This half ass, last minute attempt to change the makeup of the Legislature is only going to hurt and disenfrancise voters.


...and I'm not running for office. I'm not eligible.


Jeff said...

Of course if the legislature just did its job, this situation wouldn't have happened.

Jeff said...

At least at this late date.

Of course the U.S. Supreme Court gave the order to stop counting and install the nightmare that is Bush on us.

This doesn't seem so bad by comparison at least.

BoReGo said...

Even your jabs are gentler now.

bradinthesand said...

It's a shame that gays aren't eligible to run for office in the CNMI...

...said the "Little Mermaid"

Bruce A. Bateman said...

It should have been done right after the last cencus.

More important than the timing is the border drawing. Done without public comment or input from anyone but themselves and those silent partners who might wish to break up certain villages and group together others in order to win a seat.

In America this gerrymandering is done all the time. They wind up with districts that look like widely separated baloons with a string attached so a particular candidate can be assured a fat cat seat sucking large at the US Congressional tit.

Mermaids should have two votes.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Did he really misspell census and balloons?

Should he start a thread on Saipanuvian titled Census Balloons?

Brad says said...

The judges must think they are legislators and want to create law that concurs with the current powers that be.