Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why do I threaten Tina Sablan's supporters?

I think it started when the Writers over at Middle Road posed the question, "Who would make a better leader, Tina or Angelo?"

When the poll started, most of the feedback seemed pretty positive:

run pole said...
Angelo or Tina.
They're both great leaders already and don't seem to be heading in opposite directions in regards to their vision of what is best for our islands.
When the poll ended with Tina winning, the trolls came out of the woodwork.

I got 26.6% of the vote. Here is troll #1:

Anonymous said...
I can't believe 26.6percent of people voted the way they did. Sheds a little light on why the CNMI is in the predicament it's in. Hypocrites, Sheisters and Fly-by-Nights... who garner votes.

What's up with that? A harmless little poll and some anonymous commenter is pissed off that even 1 person voted for me? What gives?

That was way back in June.

It continued when the Writers put up their next poll, "Who should be the next CNMI governor?" Check out the New Poll: Governor to be or not to be... post on Middle Road.

Here are a few classics from that post:

Anonymous said...
and how does Mr. Villagomez fit into this poll? He does not even refer to the CNMI as his home... (that is from a reference on his blog).

Herman's said...
Angelo is leading this one? Who's gonna be his sidekick, EJ?

Anonymous said...
wow...let's be honest now... you ended this poll extremely early. You left the Tina/Angelo poll up for a month. Why did you end this now? Did you end it when the results you wanted were achieved? Curiously suspicious? Angelo is a two-faced spineless idiot... he picks up cans and girls...yeah...good governor. Give us a break!

Anonymous said...'s not about the messenger... it's about the message. Yes, Cinta and Tina are beacons in the night here...both straight up and both with spines. I don't know if you read it... but after Tina's landmark three part letter in the paper last January...Spineless Angelo, who sent her a sharp rebuke...which happened to be forwarded to many people. If you haven't read should. Basically, he proved himself just another crony... defending his "enfamilia".

Tina was right on in that letter, and for him to have the wherewithall to challenge any of it was only proof that he is just one of the gang, who, in the end will stick up for the history of his family...


He touts himself a progressive/liberal...he may be... but not when it comes to sticking up for his relative politicians.

Get a copy of that letter he wrote her... it'll make you vomit.
The letter referenced in that last post was a response to an email I sent Tina after she used the Beautify CNMI email list to send out her "A Call to Action" diatribe. That letter was published in both newspapers, several websites, and she read the whole thing on the radio. She didn't need to use our list.

I want to keep Beautify CNMI non-political. In over a year and a half in existence, that is the only time the coalition has been attached to any political agenda. I want to keep it that way.

This is the email I sent Tina (I copied everyone on the list to whom she had sent her original letter):

Dear Tina (and everyone else for that matter),

While I think it is great to have a vibrant open Democracy where people are not afraid to speak their minds, I don't want to spend this election year deleting dozens of 9 page diatribes against, well, anything.

If I get an unsolicited mass email like this again from ANYONE in the Commonwealth pushing what I consider to be a political agenda, whether right/wrong or if I agree/disagree, I am going to do everything in my power to report your email as SPAM (Tina, gets a freebie this time, but this is a final warning).
When I am successful at reporting you as a SPAMmer, that means that whole directories of emails, such as,, and will be unavailable to your email address. I'm sure that will be fun for you. And if you don't think I can do that, try me.

Tina, I have nothing against you, but it is really easy for anyone on this list to hit "reply all" or to copy this list and send out something else.

Please use BCC in the future,

Sure, I sound like a total, um, David Cohen won't let me use bad words. But you know what? Tina and I talked about her running for office as far back as September 2006. I didn't want people to think that Beautify CNMI was created to be a launching pad for Tina Sablan's political career.

Let me be clear: I do not disagree with Tina.

...but if I had forwarded an email like that to, let's say, the MINA list, MINA could lose their tax exempt status. There is a time and a place for politics. Beautify CNMI is not one of them.

Well, the anonymous blog comments continue to pop up.

These gems can be found over on Middle Road's post titled Governor Race is for Angelo, Cinta and Heinz

Anonymous said...
thank god sblogger doesn't meet the age requirement to run yet...

Anonymous said...
tina vs. angelo...??? that is like deep vs. shallow, a supercomputer vs. a vegetable, a stand-up and shoot straight citizen vs. a hair-gelled photo-op boy, a ferrari vs. a pinto... (and just so there's absolutely no confusion I equate sblogger with the vegetable, hairgel, shallow and pinto) :)
So the question remains, why am I such a threat to Tina Sablan's supporters? All of these comments are anonymous; I wonder how many of them are from Tina personally and how many are just from her supporters?

I don't know why anyone would take the time to attack me. I'm not even running for office! Most of my time is spent planning weekend cleanups and tree plantings and playing soccer...with the occasional bar hopping.

I admit that I have had a few professional problems with Tina, but does that justify attacking someone who isn't even running against you?

Tina, I wish you a long, happy political career.

May the Force be with you.


The said...

Angelo my dear. The comments you have copied into this site are not all in reference to a comparision between yourself and Miss Tina Sablan as a matter only one is directly related to that. So it would be more presice to ask, "Why do people dislike me?" rather than, "Why am I a threat to Tina Sablan's Supporters?"

Jeff said...

The attacks are probably proportional to how busy Glen is at work that week.

Seriously, why. Well, you're associated with Cinta and look, over here:

and here:

and here:

Plus, you hate freedom and the CNMI, love George Miller and claim to be a better dancer than Tina.

Hopefully those links came through. I don't know the trick some use to get good links in here.

Winter Park Fords said...

Hi Angelo,

No one kicks a dead dog. Hang in there! Love, Mom

tetricus said...

Angelo, just wait until all these people find out you have a big Chicago machine political consulting firm working on your non-existent governor's campaign.

I pity the fools.

I hope that logging into blogger/google on this computer doesn't screw up things with my blog...

Saipan Writer said...

I really hope that Tina Sablan is not behind the petty blogging attacks on you, Angelo. I like her ideas and think she has made a difference in the dialogue going on here.

I also appreciate your efforts with Beautify CNMI, blogging and humor (which is obviously much needed). And you are so right about keeping it non-political.

It isn't necessarily wrong to send a mass mailing to every e-mail address you've got, no matter how you came to have the e-mail addy. But, there are laws about spam and what makes an unsolicited e-mail unlawful spam. Just because it's unsolicited doesn't mean it's illegal. For people sending out notices about anything (newly published books comes to mind, or promotions about plays, speeches, music events, and organized clean-ups, blogger meetings, etc.), one important thing to do is add a way for the recipient to be removed from the list so no future e-mails are sent. You see these on professional mass mailings.

And as for the flak you're taking, Angelo, for exercising your first amendment rights, don't let it get you down. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, and the anons who have responded definitely sound like they're in that camp. So kudos to you for keeping your sense of humor as much as you have in the face of the humorless, mean, and unwarranted comments.

BoReGo said...

I know too much and too little about this one. Hang in there Ang.

Saipan Patricia said...

Angelo, there are always going to be haters. Why pay them credence?

And I do not think Tina authored any of the attacks against you. It's not her style.

...but it could be right-wing, NRA- types or crazy tree-huggers who hate you because you drive a gas-guzzlin' jeep or that kid you use to pick on in second grade or [dramatic pause]... Darth Vader himself oooooooo

Saipan Patricia said...

OMG!-- if you are Harry Potter, then maybe the Dark Lord has returned and is writing those nasty comments to get you to isolate yourself from your friends so that...

Dominic said...

"Angelo is a two-faced spineless idiot... he picks up cans and girls...yeah...good governor. Give us a break!"

wOW man. It looks like someone just has a big CRUSH on you ... and a little bit jealous.

EJ said...

Angelo, I think you are great. Your mother is right about the dog. hahaha. shall we have d for dinner tomorrow? just kidding.

The Saipan Blogger said...

So I'm reading this two and a half years after writing it.

The first comment is from the Truth, a blogger profile that for two years didn't have a blog attached to it.

If you click on the name now, it links to a blog: Glen Hunter's blog.

Glen Hunter is Tina Sablan's boyfriend.

I love being right!