Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You are invited!

  • There will be a potluck BBQ at the CPA Airport field tonight during and following Guns n Roses expected trouncing of the Pika Raiders in the NMIFA Coed League. Like most Saturday nights, Brad "I run like the chick from Terminator 3" Ruszala will provide the flame, you just need to bring the sausage. The game starts at 5:15

  • There is also a Student Action for a Viable Environment (SAVE) meeting tonight at Java Joes at 7 PM. SAVE is the youth chapter of Beautify CNMI. Right now most of the students are in middle school and high school, but we want to grow to include elementary school and college students. Interested?

  • Erica Cochrane, one of the founders of Mariana Island Nature Alliance (MINA), will give a presentation on African Rainforest Conservation at DEQ at 11:30. DEQ is in Gualo Rai, across the street from Subway. The presentation is in the large conference room; just ask the receptionist where to go.


Kadukunlahi said...

Wish I could be there, man. Especially for the Pika Raiders trouncing.


Hey Buddy, why didn't you go to the meeting?!

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