Sunday, September 23, 2007

2007 Candidate Websites

I searched. I googled. I tried my best.

Out of the 60-70 candidates or so this year, I could only find seven candidate websites. If there are more, please add them to the comments section of this post and I will add them.

In this world, if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. When people want information on anything, the first thing they do is look it up on the Internet. Most people "google" it.

In politics, the winner is the candidate who is able to best connect with the voters. In Saipan that connection is molested by our familial relationships, but with three Sablans running in Precinct 1 this year, how does the Sablan family decide who to vote for?

A candidate is crazy not to have a website these days, especially considering the number of young voters and off island voters. In contests where people lose by 6 seats, having a website could give you those few extra votes to push you over the edge.

I'm by no means an expert on anything, but these are my takes on the political websites out there.

Precinct 1

Only the ladies have websites in Precint 1. What's up with that, gentlemen?. Cinta Kaipat, Tina Sablan, and Rose Ada Hocog have websites. Cinta Kaipat also has a blog.

Cinta Kaipat has the best website of the three. It is simple, uncluttered, and there are no problems with the html. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated for this election.

Rose's website has coding mistakes when viewed in Firefox and many of Rose's pictures are distorted. She should fix that.

Cinta and Tina were smart in using their names for their url. Rose's is a little difficult to remember. It has three names and an initial. would have been better.

Both Cinta and Rose post detailed resumes on their websites, while Tina links to a Superbowl commercial on Youtube to explain her history.

Rose's website says nothing about what she plans to do while in office, other than, "I really can help." Cinta and Tina list what they will do when in office, but don't really get into specifics.

Precint 4

Joe Camacho is the only candidate in Precinct 4 to have a website. Joe has been running for office for almost the entire year. He was up on Mt. Tapachou on Good Friday handing out bottles of water with his name printed on them. I spent most of that afternoon picking up the bottles (and other trash) after the annual pilgrimage.

Joe has some widgets that the other candidates don't have. You can donate to his campaign from his website. It has downloads and information on the recent redistricting fiasco. It has a calendar and an easy way to help spread the word about his candidacy. He also has his very own logo.

That's cool. I wonder if he has his own theme song, too?

Some of the pictures are distorted, though. He should fix that.

Precinct 5

Fred deleon Guerrero is the lone candidate in Precinct 5 with a website. Fred also has a blog, which barely deserves mention because it only has three posts in the last month.

The url of Fred's campaign website is ridiculous. Imagine having to give this out at a campaign event. Imagine me talking in Fred's voice:
And if you want more information on my campaign, please visit fred dot deleon guerrero dot google pages dot com. Did you get that? No, that's a dot between fred and deleon, not a dash. Yes, google pages, not blogspot. Yankees suck.
Fred, for $8 you can reserve something like or and have it redirect to your googlepage. I can walk you through it for a six pack of beer.

Saipan Senate

Two Senate candidates have websites, Clyde Norita and Luis Crisostimo.

Not only does Luis have the most ridiculous website url the political world has ever seen, but he has his picture taken in front of a picture of George W. Bush. You were a Democrat for Christ's sake! No wonder they dumped you!

The websites for both candidates are very simple, with no bells and whistles.

I should mention that Clyde forgot to provide contact information for his campaign.

Board of Education

Although not a campaign website, Board of Education candidate Galvin Guerrero has a blog. I'm commenting on websites, not blogs, but kudos to him for putting a link to his blog in the advertising space he purchased in the newspaper.


Kudos to all of these candidates for using the Internet to get their message out. In addition to websites, several of the candidates are using Myspace and blogs. Good for them. If they really want to reach more people they should also look into Youtube and Facebook. In two years there will probably be other social networking websites that will help you get elected, too.

I expect that the Internet will play a much greater role in the 2009 election. The candidates with websites now are already two steps ahead. They are positioning themselves ahead of their competition.


Jeff said...

What I glean from that is definitely don't vote for Luis Crisostimo. What kind of a Democratic ding dong has a picture with an asswipe like W with a 29 percent approval rating. Criminally stupid.

bradinthesand said...

i sent emails to camacho and crisostimo and will post their replies soon.

camacho already replied. so far nothing from crisostimo.

must be all of the poker related questions i asked...

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Kudos to Joe for replying so quickly. With only 3 people running for the 2 seats in his precinct, he's got a good shot of getting elected.

Pragmatic Plato said...
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Pragmatic Plato said...
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Pragmatic Plato said...
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Pragmatic Plato said...


I pulled up Joe Camacho’s site and it isn't bad. it gives background on him. i wish it had a bit more on what he stand for and what his takes on the issues are. It appears he may still be putting it together. He does have contact info and a couple phone numbers for voters to call him at. He does have a link to his brochure. Great info about the new redistricting. He also talks a bit about his house to house visits and some community info. He also has an online “Donation” that tells you who to send the checks to.

Cinta's website on the other hand, the one Angelo gives the accolades to, has not been updated in 2 years. Do you seriously think that is better than websites that contain up-to-date info? Heck, if I followed this website I would think she is #9 on the ballot. Come on Angelo, I know she is a pal of yours but call it like you see it. Her outdated website has her “We did it” home page. It has a briefly summarized platform. Her resume. Her stance on issues… at least what it was prior to her winning a couple years ago (this I believe has changed). A bunch of Events that happened in 2005 (Angelo you can not seriously think that this was the BEST of all the websites). A ton of endorsements … from prior to the 2005 election (this needs to be updated… do they still support her?… perhaps but we as voters need to know). News from the years 2000 -2004. And lastly a contact form.

Rose has a bunch of photos and the normal vote for me and all the other “running mates” (I am assuming the other candidates under the same political party although her website never states to my knowledge what party that is.). It also has info about a charitable fund and extensive information about her family heritage and who she is related to. I think the site is visually appealing but underneath the façade just perpetuates the political status quo when it comes to voting. She also has a photo gallery. not sure what firefox browser Angelo is using. I downloaded the latest (for geek use only) Firefox browser and the site load and looked fine. There is a snippet of code that displays in the footer but not anything that would prevent you from viewing or navigating the site.

I differ again from your take in regards to Fred’s site. You only point out your issues with his URL and say you don’t want to comment on blogs. Fred’s site it is one of the few that contains all the basic elements I would be looking for in a site for any of the candidates. It has his background and resume, his platform and stance on issues (whether I stand with him or not), a blog for citizen’s commentary (a bit more activity here would be good), an event calendar, voter information, important links and his contact info. It seems to have up to date info. As with Rose’s site he does have a section for the familial connections… but such is the CNMI and there are voters who need to know who is mother-in-law is… I guess?

Tina’s site as Fred’s has all the necessary elements I believe are needed for a website about a candidate. She lists her background and contrary to what you say her resume is linked. She has an event calendar (seems to need some work as it is hard to see). She has a link to voter info and a sample 2007 precinct 1 ballot. There are links and various methods for people to contact her. She also has a blog and what a content filled one it is (I could not read through everything yet). She posts about all the issues that citizens have brought up in her meetings with them and what they have shared with her and then she gives a personal stance and comment on each and every issue. She actually has another blog that she also links to; the CNMI Forums site that she has been running for some time it appears. This blog has some good commentary on all things politico in the CNMI. I have been an avid reader (and commenter) of this blog for months. Her site is also very aesthetically pleasing. As for the Firfox compatibility issues, there was a minor one pixel shif ton the right hand side on the background image. Not enough to deem it unreadable. It only occured on the home page the other pages showed up fine.

Clyde’s site also has the main info voters should be looking for. It has is platform and stances on various issues. It has his background and links to news and other sites. Because he was once up no the hill, he also lists his past record of what he did up there for voters to peruse and decide if this is what they want to see more of. Surprisingly there is no Contact info that I could find.

Luis’ site is the only one with a David Lettermanesque Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Me on the home page. His Platform is brief but his past legislation page is very very very long. Again I will have to read over what legislation it is and if he was responsible for each piece or if it is legislation from the senate as a whole. EDIT: I took a peek … tons of resolutions commemorating and recognizing everything and a few resolution and laws to rename streets as well as a few others. He does proudly top list (by number of course…but still) legislation to grant $10 million bucks to the now defunct MPLA (we all know where that money really went). His site also has endorsements from community member (Friends of Angando)… though with only three he may want to switch this to a page of his extended (very extended) family. He also has photos and contact info. He is also on of the few with a contact phone #.

All in all, it is great to see the candidates put up information on the internet for the masses. Some of the factors that stood out to me are:

What issues they tackled. Were they touching on the big ones??
The depths to which the candidates personally addressed the issues. I wanted to see where they stood. Whether I stood with them or not.
What type of contact info they gave (a phone number means they want to speak to you… personally. Only 3 had listed numbers. I did not call to see if they all really worked)
Whether the site was currently updated
Did they flaunt family connections and prominent community member endorsements
Were they selling themselves or what they stood for (I can’t make this sound right… but I hope you get what I mean)

We need to really look at the candidates themselves this year and every election year henceforth. We need to contact these candidates. We need to talk to them. We need to find out if they truly are people we want representing us.

I will get off the soapbox. That is my take on the candidate websites. If there are other candidates out there who have sites that I didn’t touch on please Email me at pragmaticplato at gmail dot com.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Thank you for making that comment 4 times. Why not make a short comment and then write about this on your blog next time?

It would save me the trouble of deleting your deleted comments.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

...but thanks for the comments.

I was attempting to critique their use of the websites, not really the content or their platform. I made comments on the bells and whistles, the coding mistakes, the urls, and such.

In response to Cinta, yes she is my bud, yes her website is out of date (which I pointed out), but it has no coding mistakes and has everything a campaign website should have.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

...and speaking of Tina, that resume was added after I made my post.

See, I'm helping the voters!

...and I had no idea she was the lead coordinator for "Beautify CNMI!" campaign. Who knew?

That is quite a bold statement for someone who has shown up to only one BC meeting and not a single BC volunteer event in 2007.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

We need to really look at the candidates themselves this year and every election year henceforth. We need to contact these candidates. We need to talk to them. We need to find out if they truly are people we want representing us.


We say that every year, in every election, in every town, city, state, and probably country.

This is my first experience with elections in the Marianas.

I don't see ideology driving any of the political parties. The candidates that left the parties left mostly because they think they have a better chance of being elected if they are Republican or Independent, not because they have had an idealogical shift.

So what are the ideologies?

I work hard? I can help? I'm new?

Those aren't reasons to elect someone.

Also, identifying problems that are already talked about at every family BBQ do not a platform make. We all know that government is too big. We all know that the schools don't get enough money. We all know that CUC has a miriad of problems.

I won't vote for someone who simply says that we are going to fix these problems. I want to know how they plan to fix them.

Very few of the candidates are doing that. You should vote for those candidates.

Pragmatic Plato said...


It appears from her resume that all references to the Beautify CNMI Campaign are past tense. Are you saying she did not at one time do what is listed?

Expert From Resume Below:

"Highlights: 1) Served as lead coordinator for “Beautify CNMI!” campaign,” a comprehensive and collaborative
beautification effort involving government agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and volunteers to develop and
implement projects in recycling and solid waste management, community restoration, and public outreach; 2) Worked
closely with the Division of Solid Waste Management and other “Beautify CNMI!” partners to develop and implement
recycling projects, junk car removal program, and other solid waste management initiatives;"

Tamara said...

who is "John Angello" on your precinct one survey? I thought his name was "Jack"? Or is this someone new?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I'm not going to turn this into a trash Tina post. I simply pointed out that she associates herself with Beautify CNMI only when it is convenient for her.

In the grand scheme of things, Tina did more for Beautify CNMI than 99% of the people here. She helped round up a lot of the people that got the project going. She facilitated all of monthly general meetings in 2006. She chaired a committee that promoted recycling at the Micronesia Games and Liberation Day Festival, put on a school recyling contest, and put on a recycling event in November. Most importantly, she brought an energy and enthusiasm to the entire campaign that is impossible to replicate.

Then in December she moved on.

That is fine, but she shouldn't be claiming that she was the lead coordinator. She never played that roll.

For the first few months it was Steve, Cinta, Reina, Angelo, Ken, and Tina taking the lead. We each had different roles in the different committees. There was never a single person at the helm.

I find it insulting that she takes credit for other people's work.

If she considered herself the lead coordinator, then that explains a lot...and that's all I have to say about that.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


I put John Angello instead of Jack Angello because that is how his first and last name appear on the ballot.

I do not know most of the candidates, so I don't know if they use another name, like Tina instead of Christina, Joe instead of Joseph, or even Memong instead of Ramon.

I wanted to be fair. That's how it looks on the ballot, so that's how it will look on my lame blog.

Tamara said...

okie dokie...I don't know his real name either so it probably is John...just confusing..thanks!

lil_hammerhead said...

But then your criticisms weren't simply related to url's and appearance. You picked out Tina's role in Beautify CNMI for example. I reviewed the sites you listed. The previous commentor is right, Cinta's site is from the last election. Tina's site is really well-done, as far as the sites go.

You seem to be a reasonable person. As such, you can surely acknowledge that your synopsis of the sites does seem to be somewhat biased.

Good to see the collection of sites in one place though.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Call it how you want it. I stand by what I wrote, which was a shallow, 170 word critique of three websites from the candidates in Precinct 1.

I do not think that poking fun at Tina's use of an Apple computer commercial constitutes a rejection of her candidacy.

I also pointed out right away that Cinta's website has not been updated for this election. This is the third time I am writing that I pointed that out.

My point in writing this post was to identify the websites out there, giving a short synopsis of each with a few of my first impressions, and to congratulate the candidates in using a new technology to reach out to the voters.

And as for Tina's role in BC, I encourage her to tell the public what her role was. She did a very good job when she was involved. It deserves recognition.

Her resume was posted after I wrote my post, either that or I didn't see it the first time.

After writing that post, and after reading the comment from PP, I went back and looked at her resume.

The first thing listed under her work experience is about her leading Beautify CNMI.

That just annoyed me, that's all. If Ken or Steve or Waki went around saying they were in charge of Beautify CNMI, I would call them out on it, too.

Pragmatic Plato said...

"Tina did more for Beautify CNMI than 99% of the people here. She helped round up a lot of the people that got the project going. She facilitated all of monthly general meetings in 2006. She chaired a committee that promoted recycling at the Micronesia Games and Liberation Day Festival, put on a school recyling contest, and put on a recycling event in November. Most importantly, she brought an energy and enthusiasm to the entire campaign that is impossible to replicate."

Could this be construed as coordinating as you have said she did at one time. I don't think she was trying to slight any of the other people that co-coordinated with her. I will send her an email and get a direct response from her. Remember, this is "her" resume. Why would she mention the other lead coordinators. I like to think that all that matters is whether at some point in time she was coordinating the group.

Rose said...

Hey guys. Olomwaay Olomwaay for the heads up on my website. Been quite busy and had little time to play around with it and add my platform. I am still tinkering with it, but the essential (platform and principle) has been added. One day minus today I will figure out how to get it to do what I need it to do - like have an avatar read the content of the site out loud for those with vision impairment, for one.

Again, Olomwaay Olomwaay. Thank you so much for the critique and keeping me on my toes. I LOVE IT!