Monday, September 03, 2007

I didn't make the list this time

Ron Hodges, another guy who knows everything, no really, he does, offered up his suggestions for people he thinks should run for office. Oh yeah, he thinks they should run for free. He writes:
The goal of our elected representatives in November should be shifting to non-paid legislators by 2011. Possible volunteers might be Bishop Camacho, Jesse Borja, Dr. Ada, Dr. Khorram, Efrain Camacho, Dr. Brostram, Tina Sablan, Dr. Stearns, Karen and Dave Borja, Chuck Ann Jordan, Dr. Aldan, Sister Martha, Charles Cepeda, Judge Ed Manibusan, Absalom Waki, Dave Burger, Esther Fleming, Mr. Kim, Diego Benevente, Hector Sevilla, Rick Kautz, Beth Nepaial, Jess Wabol, Jim Phillips, Alex Sablan, Vic Cepeda, Dave Hokin, Greg Cruz, Pastor Lee, Pedro Dela Cruz, Mustafa Shakir, Ron Barrineau, Nick Sablan, Alexis Fallon, Marian Aldan-Pierce, John Baldwin, Tony Pellegrino, Jessica Barcinas, Bill Weiss, Eli Maravilla, Rip Stephansen, Pete Igitol, Doc Murdock, Tony Muna, Jeff Flores, Gilbert Saludez, and any honors graduate of MHS. Intelligence, talent, work ethic, diversity, understanding, and a history of unpaid community service would make the aforementioned stakeholders the most highly qualified representatives in CNMI history-times 20 for FREE.
Dang it! So what do I have to do to get Captain Real Estate to notice my unpaid community service? I'll need his endorsement if I'm going to win in 2019.

My favorite suggestion from Ron: Mr. Kim. Do you know how many Mr. Kim's there are? There are at least 7 Mr. Kim's that play soccer. Does Ron support all of them? How about if 20 Mr. Kim's ran for office? I'd vote for them. It would make it easier...and cheaper. They could just buy one style of campaign sign, "Vote for Kim."

Ron, you have insulted my ancestors for not including me on this list. You are dead to me.


Jeff said...

He also has Queen Amidala and not me. Even in Star Wars Amidala was the good one. Just kidding Darth Richard.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Most people tend to forget that the majority of politicians in the Mainland are rich, protestant white guys.

A call for politicians with intelligence, talent, work ethic, diversity, understanding, and a history of unpaid community service is great, but I don't think their is a country in existence where this happens.

Ron Hodges said...

By my high command, Waki is excommunicated from my list forever and Angelo is in....that is not permenent lifetime status of course but a one year contract renewable on my almighty command.