Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Lighthouse Restoration

We had two more days of Lighthouse Restoration this weekend. On Friday about 80-90 Hopwood Junior Highschool 8th graders helped me with yardwork and a little bit of painting. On Sunday about 30 community volunteers came out to help us paint.

We would probably have finished today, but it poured rain for a couple of hours. The exterior still needs some work, but most of the downstairs interior is painted, shiny, and most importantly, graffiti free.

Although we're not done, I'm working on a thank you list. I'm going to submit it to the newspapers this week.

I won't mention him in the newspaper, but a big thanks to Chris Nelson from KSPN for allowing me to load his video to Youtube. You can watch their newscasts every weeknight on Channel 2 at 6:00 PM. If you miss the live broadcast, it can be downloaded from

In the meantime, here are a few more before and after pictures.

There are three surfaces at the Lighthouse that were covered in graffiti, concrete, brick, and tile. We painted the concrete white, but I told our volunteers not to touch the brick or the tile.

At Sunday's cleanup, Bree said she knew of a magic trick to get the spray paint off the tile. I let her do her magic.


Amazing, huh? Here is another set of pictures. I didn't take this picture until the student was almost finished, so I didn't capture the worst of it.



After using acetoneSo how did we manage to get this possibly decades old graffiti off the tile? What was Bree's magic trick?
Ace Hardware AcetoneAce Hardware Acetone! This message was not brought to you by Ace Hardware, but I'm accepting donations.

How about some more pictures of the kids?

Most of the work on Friday was yardwork, with just a little bit of painting. The kids did a number on the invasive scarlet gourd vine. They pulled it down and stuffed it into our blue plastic garbage bags. Some of the kids used the bags as a couch while the others worked. Rep. Waki is removing the bags for us.

Navy Hill Lighthouse PaintingEveryone who helped out on Sunday got one of the new Beautify CNMI T-shirts. They are green and sky blue. If you want one, you'll have to volunteer...and I'll have to remember to bring them that day.


I received an email from a local reader who took issue with the appearance of the word FUCK (sorry, David Cohen) on some of the graffiti removed by the children over the weekend. While I can understand not wanting to unintentionally expose children to this word (especially after being scolded by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affiars), I think it is a powerful image to see a child cleaning up after the filth left them by their parents. What is more inappropriate, allowing children to see an image of another child cleaning up the aforementioned word, or adults allowing these images to exist in the real world and doing nothing about them?


glend558 said...

Good work Angelo! You know for every student you get to help clean things up, there is one less slob out there to mess things up.

bradinthesand said...

you're doing great stuff, ang.

bigsoxfan said...

I'm not sure of the specific chemical barrier difference, but normal hospital type gloves allow acetone to pass through to the skin and thence to the nervous system. Hate to rain on the parade, but use the blue gloves for acetone.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Mark is absolutely correct, acetone is a harmful chemical and toxic through both inhalation and skin contact. Not as bad as MEK or 111Trichlorethane but still a highly toxic substance with well defined OSHA PEL limits.

Sure works good on that old paint though.