Thursday, September 20, 2007

NMIFA Tryouts: Day 2

When I tried out in February, I went from almost no exercise at all to full blown training over night. This time around, I just finished playing soccer at least twice a week in both the Men's and Coed Leagues and I've been running three miles in the morning with David for two weeks now.

It makes it a lot easier.

A lot more guys showed up this time. David Duenas, our center defender was there, along with a few new high school kids, which I think is great. I think there may have been about 30 of us? 25? I know it was more than last time.

We started off with a warm up and then some stretches.

Then Jason led us in a few passing drills. Pass, run, pass, run, pass, run, pass, run.

Then Fujita led us in another 4 vs 4 game. On Monday we focused on the transition between offense and defense and then shooting. This time it was a game set up to get us to work on our passing.

Then we did more passing drills with Jason. Each one got progressively harder, both skill wise and cardio wise.

We finished with some juggling drills and then some cardio.

I could still walk after the practice.

That is a good thing.

We're going again tomorrow afternoon at 5 PM, then we have a game on Sunday at 4 PM.

I love this game!


Rotanese said...

So, soccer in the C.N.M.I. is growing?

I'm not a soccer player, but after going to college and making friends who have the passion for the sport, I ended up respecting and liking the sport for its excitement, toughness, its complexity, and the skills required to play the sport.

Ah, soccer reminds me of those days spent playing FIFA Soccer on PS2 and beating all my Mexican friends who introduced me to the game. I gots to admit, I was the Sh*t...

Anyway, praises to the women's national soccer team!!!

One more thing...has soccer been introduced to the high school or even middle school level? Is it being played organized, like how high school basketball and volleyball is? Just curious...

Marianas Eye said...

Still no vomit, Angelo. What gives?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You are improving, Angelo. You played better on the coed team than you did on the National Team. The practice and experience is paying off. Keep on keepin' on.