Monday, September 24, 2007

The Saipan Blogger Endorses Blog Rush

Harry Blalock sent me an invitation to join Blog Rush. It is another one of those programs designed to drive traffic to your website.

Harry previously sent me an invitation to Link Referral, which I now think sucks. I tried it out and it hardly sent any traffic my way. The only way to get good traffic from it is to spend about an hour a day playing with it. I'm not down with that. I junked it.

Blog Rush seems to work better. You can put it on your blog and forget about it. The traffic comes automatically.

The way it works is you put a widget on your website that displays the links of five other websites. Every time you display the widget (i.e. every time your page loads), you earn 1 credit that is good for 1 link to your website. The link will appear in the widget on someone else's website.

Users pick a category for their websites. Websites in the same category will show links to other websites in the same category. The idea is that people looking at websites in one category will be interested in other websites in the same category. It makes sense to me. For example, my blog is basically a travel blog because most of my readers are in the Mainland. My blog therefore will pop up on other websites that choose travel as a category.

Blog Rush also has a referral system built into their program. For example, Harry Blalock referred me. Every time his page reloads, Harry gets 1 credit. Every time my page reloads, I get 1 credit and Harry gets 1 credit. If Jeff were to sign up under my referral number and have the widget appear on his blog, Jeff would get 1 credit, I would get 1 credit, and Harry would get 1 credit. This goes on up to ten levels (with 1/2 credit awarded through levels 3-6 and 1/8 credit awarded for levels 7-10).

I have already received a few hits even though I haven't tried to recruit any other bloggers yet. This is because I get a good amount of traffic per day, between 300-500 and occasionally up to 10,000 unique visitors, so this is something that will work quickly for me. If you don't have that much traffic, it may be a while before you start earning enough credits to see a jump in traffic, but if you are willing to recruit some other bloggers, the potential for payoff is exponential.

Websites that have few unique visitors, but a ton of reloads, like the Middle Road people, would benefit greatly from this widget. Every time someone reloaded their page, they would earn 1 credit.

If everyone on Saipan put this on their blog, we'd see a lot of traffic coming our way. There are over 120 blogs on The Master List and a handful on Coconuts Abroad. If only a few of these added this widget, I think we'd see a surge in traffic in just a few days. All of the Saipan Blogs are linked together, so we would all benefit.


I, The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ, endorse Blog Rush.

Please sign up and add the widget to your website. It takes less than a minute and you'll start earning credits right away. I had my first hit within hours.


glend558 said...

Where do I find my feed URL? Itried to hook up with thr blog rush but got stymied with this feed. Can you help?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Have you joined feedburner yet? It standardizes your feed and gives you some other cool bells & whistles to put on your blog.

Your feed, though, probably looks like this:

Everyone else can just replace the glend558 with their own blogger url.

The easiest way to find your feed is to go to the bottom of your blog. You should have something that looks like:

Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)

If you click on it, your feed will pop up. If you have burned your feed with feedburner, it will redirect to your standardized burn url.

Try it with mine, which takes you to feedburner, and try it with yours, which takes you to the basic feed put out by blogger.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Make sure you are on the main page and you are clicking on

Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)

and not

Subscribe to: Post Comments(Atom)

glend558 said...

I'll try it..Back to the polls check your comments and my reply from the post marked temparory..
See if you can find a poll that will list 15 people and limit selections to six (6)

glend558 said...

Good job well done. I'll just read your polls for the house, I will leave only the senate, the run-off and the casino issues on my blog, the rest I don't really care about, like the judges or school board etc. Thanks for your help...

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Yeah, good idea on your part. I'm glad I stole it.