Monday, September 17, 2007

Seventh Day Adventist Dental Clinic Rocks my Universe

Last week I had my teeth cleaned and fitted for a retainer at the Saipan Seventh Day Adventist Dental Clinic. Bev, everyone's favorite dental hygienist, scraped, polished, and flossed my pearly not-so-whites.

This was my first time at the dentist since early 2005. The last time before that was late 2002. The time before that I was in high school.

Yeah, I'm that guy. I suck. Please keep your tooth jokes to yourself.

I haven't gone to the dentist that much in the last, well, decade, because I'm one of those 40 million Americans who doesn't have health insurance. If I go, I have to pay full price.

The only times I've gone are those occasions when I'm insured and I've never carried insurance for more than a year.

Well, enough was enough. Even though I'm still uninsured, I made an appointment at the SDA clinic. They are running a $55 special, so the timing was perfect.

I also finally decided to spurge on that retainer. Yeah. A retainer.

I've known for a few years that I grind my teeth in my sleep, and I need a mouth guard to keep me from grinding my teeth away.

Well, I splurged. I had my teeth fitted last week and this afternoon I picked up my specially made clear tooth guards. I had to pay full price, but full price was very reasonable.

Too bad I'm a gagger. I feel like throwing up after having them in for five minutes.

I'm going to have to work on that.

So to recap:

SDA Clinic: Good
Tooth Cleaning: Good Price
Retainer: Good
Gagging: Not good


I forgot to mention that the cleanings come with a dental exam. Full mouth x-rays are only $45 dollars extra (reg price $102). The deal runs all the way till the end of October to commemorate National Dental Hygiene Month.

...and I promise to floss.


Bev said...

Floss please! Ummm, you forgot to mention that the cleanings come with a dental exam. Full mouth xrays are only $45 dollars extra (reg price $102). Deal runs all the way till the end of October to commerate National Dental Hygiene month =P

Tamara said...

Moylan's has some very good, very affordable Dental Insurance and we sell exclusively for SDA if your interested in finding out more about our plans, let me know!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Somebody else actually recommended Moylans to me. I'm not fully employed right now. I make only a little more than a contract worker. Serious.

MINA should be signing a grant contract pretty soon, so full time employment is right around the corner...and then I'll buy health and dental...and maybe some new clothes.

So where is Moylans?

Tamara said...

Beach Road Inbetween China House Restaurant and the old Mwar mwar Center (I think its a vegetable stand now)..or infront of Trench Tech gym if thats easier for you..Look for the big red, white and blue signs..can't miss em!