Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Support Local Fishermen!

How cool is this, the local fisherman's coop has a blog where they publish the prices of today's fresh catch! Today's special is Uku for $3.00/pound.

The coop is in the UFO building on Micro Beach Road in Garapan. Please go buy some fish!

On a side note...

I'd like to see them add more stuff about Saipan fishing to their blog, you know, stories, pictures, techniques, different types of fish, the best places and times to go fishing, etc.

In other news:

I've blacklisted a certain Saipan blog. This isn't funny anymore.

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Yumm, I like fish! =)

Your page is not blocked no more! I'm at school! Done, did my work!

See you later today.