Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cheeky Little Laos Kids

The first Laos kids we met were in the village of Pakbang, where we spent the night during our two day trip down the Mekong River. As we walked down the street (the only street), a group of kids playing soccer kicked the ball to me. Later on, another group of kids followed us for about 200 meters. They sang the ABC song and counted from 1-20.

kids selling birds in LaosThe next day, when we stopped at Pak Ou Caves just upriver of Luang Prabang, there were kids selling birds in cages. Pay the kid a dollar and they set the bird free...and then capture it again to sell to the next dumb tourist.

David was the only one to set a bird free. I took picutures of the kids and then gave them some money. I gave the four kids together in the picture below one dollar after taking their picture, then I motioned for them to release their birds.

They just laughed at me, especially the cute older girl in the back.

Cheeky little bastards.

Yesterday we ran into a few kids as well. During the drive to the waterfall, almost every kid we passed waved to us.

Then later in the afternoon when we were walking through town we came across some kids playing double dutch with a jump rope made out of rubber bands tied together. They greeted us as we walked by...and I even tried my hand at double dutch.

Disaster ensued.

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Saipan Writer said...

In the parlance of the 80's, it sounds like your biological clock is ticking!

(I remember going to Bali in those same 80's and being followed by an entire class of kids, all in school uniforms, chasing after me saying "hello sir" over and over--and when I spoke to them, they just said kept saying "hello sir.")