Saturday, October 06, 2007

Chiang Khong

Chiang Khong Party GirlsThe local people we have run into on this trip have been great. Last night was no exception.

Chiang Khong StreetWe were walking down the street (the only street) of Chiang Khong last night when a group of locals called us over to the outdoor bar where they were drinking. They shared their food with us and told us all about life in Chiang Khong.

One girl was like, "I live with my Dad, my sister, my daughter, and my 15 dogs."

They were a lot of fun. They gave me their mailing address, but I lost it. I gave them my email though, so I hope they send me a message. I'd love to keep in touch with Sun, Phon, and married to Japanese-guy lady.


We're going down the Mekong River in a few hours. We're crossing into Laos first, then we are boarding a boat. The trip is two days long. We'll spend tonight in a small village along the river that only has electricity only 5 hours per day...kind of like Koblerville, huh?

Just kidding.


EJ said...

happy 7 month anniversary!

EJ said...

7 months anniversary is todayy

Marianas Eye said...

Great to see you're enjoying your vacation. You deserve the rest.


Aya said...

Have a safety trip!