Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Floating Village Kids

No, Jane, I am not ready for kids. I make a much better Uncle Angelo than a Daddy. Even so, I have to admit that we've seen some really cute kids on this trip.

I took the picture of these kids while having lunch in Siem Reap. Throughout Southeast Asia, little kids hawk little trinkets. These kids were selling bamboo bracelets and travel books. When you don't buy right away, they resort to whining. The whining usually works.

I don't think the little girl in the middle appreciated me not buying bracelets from her, what do you think?

Floating Village CambodiaWhen we were visiting the floating village near Siem Reap, we were accosted by kids in boats selling drinks. Our boat stopped for about 5 minutes on the edge of the lake and we were instantly surrounded by kids on boats selling stuff. It is very difficult to say no when your boat isn't moving and they are sitting right in front of you saying, "You buy from me?"

This little girl boarded our boat while it was moving. She was like a little pirate. Pirates of the Floating Village or something. Her boat came abreast of ours and she pointed at her beer and said, "two dollars." When I said two dollars was too much, she replied, "two dollars." She was such a good salesperson that I bought two.

This little girl was peaking out from her boat. A lot of kids are fascinated when they see foreigners. Most of them want to sell us stuff, but she was happy to just peak out from behind her curtain and smile.

Alright, that's enough of the kids. Here are a few more pictures of the floating village:

Gotta run...I'll get more pictures up later!

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