Monday, October 01, 2007

Narita Blogging

Ian and I got to Nagoya safe and sound. I slept most of the way. From Nagoya we caught a connecting flight to Narita, where we have a five hour layover. I've got a few pictures to post, but this computer doesn't have an USB outlet.

The computers in Nagoya did. I should have posted from Nagoya. Dang it!

Our flight to Bangkok leaves in about three hours. We found a nice little corner of the airport and we're throwing back a few Asahis. We're on #2. Three hours. We could be in trouble.

We haven't found Ian's Mom or stepdad yet, but they are probably around here somewhere. I'll post pictures from Bangkok. We're staying in a pretty swanky hotel, I'm sure they'll have computers.

I'm probably going to see my college buddy, Raj, tomorrow afternoon. I haven't seen him since 2000. How cool is that?


EJ said...

Let the trip begin!!! I am there with you. Thinking about you.

Marites said...

Hi Angelo! Guess what? You forgot your boarding pass in Saipan Airport and Bill had to talk to Northwest people to contact Narita airport for your boarding pass. Glad to know you're now safe and sound. Take care friend. Advance Happy Birthday!