Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vientiane Runs out of Beer: Ian and Angelo (this time) drank it all

...or at least we tried to.

Vientiane is the fourth city we have visited along the Mekong River. We spent a night in Chiang Khong, a night in Pakbang, three nights in Luang Prabang, and now two nights in Vientiane.

We arrived in Vientiane yesterday afternoon and we leave tomorrow. When we first arrived, Ian and I went for a short walk around our hotel, which is three or four buildings away from the river. It is really a great location.

We exchanged money and then had a snack and a beer on the river before going back to the room. I was flipping through the channels and found James Bond: License to Kill. Sure, Timothy Dalton was probably the worst James Bond ever, but what else would you expect me to do when in the Laos capitol for only two days?

I stayed in and watched the movie.

...but seriously, we've been on the move so much, it felt great to be able to just chill out.

At 5 PM we met David and Cloe down in the lobby. They have ex-pat friends in Vientiane and they had arranged to meet up with them. Their friends picked us up and took us to a riverside bar to watch the sunset...and drink a few beers and eat a few snacks (are you sensing a theme for our short stay in Vientiane?).

They took us to dinner at a French restaurant near our hotel. They said it was the best restaurant in town. I have no complaints about the food. I had a $6 steak...and more beer.

Ian and I bowed out of dinner kind of early. I was ready for bed at about 8 PM.

Ian wasn't having that. We ended up at some bar with a local band singing what I assume were local songs, then we somehow went to a nightclub in a large hotel. I have no idea where either place was. We were just kind of wondering.

We weren't hung over when we got up (at least I wasn't), but we had a late start to the day. We've got the day to ourselves, with no planned activities, so we are just going to wander around town.

I want to find the market and there is also a large concrete monument somewhere in town. The concrete was meant to build an airport, but they built a monument instead. I think there is a museum somewhere, too.

We are meeting up again with Cloe and David's friends tonight at 6 PM. Stay posted for more!


Pictures aren't going to happen while I'm in Vientiane. The connection is way too slow.


lil_hammerhead said...

That would be wAndering.. with an "A". Stupid people spell wandering with an "O" to make themselves look even dumber. ;)

Jeff said...

If you see Colonel Kurtz up there, terminate his command with extreme prejudice.

Jeff said...

Let it go already, Lil!