Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blogger Question

The election is over. Most of the results are in. Now we just have to wait for the absentee ballots to come in.

So let me pose this question to the blogger community:

Did the Saipan Blogs play any role, good or bad, in the outcome of this election, whether it be the candidate races or the ballot questions?

I've unlocked anonymous comments and I've turned off comment moderation.

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Lc said...

Hello from Azores.

bradinthesand said...

i think so...

...just wish crisostimo lost. oh well, at least danny aquino and taotao tantrum lost.

glend558 said...

I think the blogs reached only a select part of the community. Hence some of the astonishing suprises. All in all it surely didn't do any harm.
How long till you are back home?
Thanks for helping with the polls.

Voter said...

I agree. There were surprises, because the blogosphere does not represent Jose & Maria Taotao Tano.

The over-popularity of Tina, and under-popularity of Andrew Salas in this milieu are typical.

Saipan Writer said...

I'm guessing the blogs played only a miniscule part in the voters' decisions in this election.

What I think they did best was help flesh out some of the arguments, and those arguments were then written up and published in the local newspapers.

As more and more people get online and involved in blogs and blogging, some blogs will play a larger part in influencing the vote. And most importantly, they'll help get information out about candidates and issues.

Knowledge is power.

Jeff said...

It might have helped the word get out on the casino. Otherwise minimal.

It was the same old clan politics. Ralph Torres did all the usual stuff, tons of shirts, posters, waving, I mean tons, lots of newspaper ads, never once talked about an issue that I heard, but had hordes of people waving and he dominated the election. Pretty depressing if you ask me.

O. Calimbas said...

Even in cosmopolitan areas, blogging is perceived to be a more middle class phenomena. I think this view is similar to Glen's sentiment. Jane points out how blogging is only part of the grassroots activity.

There's an article out there talks about whether "netroots" can grow grassroots, on blogging as a way of decentralizing the political media yet also remaining the vehicle for the privileged. You can check it out here:

Certainly, whatever the effect blogging has had on the mid-terms, blogging here is very new yet expanding exponentially.

Is it safe to say that the vast majority of bloggers here are left-leaning? If so, I suppose if there's any effect, it will be felt as bad for the right-leaning folks.

Jeff said...

The left wing owns the net while the right wing owns talk radio -- at least in the states. There was a newsweek, i believe, story on that.

Traditionalist said...

Speaking as a traditional conservative Catholic, I would say that there is indeed a preponderance of progressive folks on these boards. That is part of the election "surprise" disconnect.

Ever since the Peace Corps days, those who come to the CNMI from the mainland have tended toward the liberal side. As more local people attend progressive colleges, there is a growing indigenous strain of thought in this direction.

Conservatives tend not to move out to remote islands in the Western Pacific on impulse. But as more NMDs receive higher education, the traditional viewpoint will find its voice, that it still maintains to some extent in Church, the ballot box, and jury room, notwithstanding the cultural encroachments of Hollywood and hip hop music.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I followed your comments on the other blogs and your pretty consistent. Other than Danny Aquino, Crisostimo and Taotao tano have you contributed anything major to the community. Just wondering because I read Jeffs sight and it's rare for a private person to give out generously to people. Sorry if this bothers you but I am very curious.

Anonymous said...

Brad, on the other blog I read that he donated $4,000 of computer paper to the Public School System. He and his wife donated $1,000 to the youth sports program. It also said that they paid for the snacks for the Special Education students who bowled at Saipan bowling Center. It also said that he and his wife helped Mr. Wheeler get a referral to the Philippines to get his prosthetic legs done and also got the wife to accompany him. For Greg Cruz part he was responsible for getting the power rates reduced. I checked into this and it was the Speaker of the House (Precinct 2) who was holding back on the bill to reduce the rates. Diego Benavente is a consultant for Telesource receiving $10,000 a month and is representing a company that built those junk homes in Tototville. What we need is a drug testing for all candidates because I'm sure you will see some of them test positive.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I would have to agree with much of the above. The total number of active blogers is tiny. We tend to bounce back and forth between a handful of blog locations and drive total responce numbers up on occasion, but the real number of actives is quote small as a percentage of total voters.

With the exception of a few weenies hiding behind aliases to cover the tracks to their real real motives and hidden agendas, the info transferal system that the blogs have provided has been excellent, Angelo. Good on 'ya for helping to promote bloghood.

bradinthesand said...

anonymous, feel free to lend your name when you're ready. as for private people donating, that's their business.

i made my judgment about aquino based on his very public letter to the editor.

it's nice if he donated things to people, but that doesn't make up for what i read.

it's like getting your college tuition paid for by the same uncle that molested you.

besides, reading things on blogs doesn't make the things true.

even if he did all of these things, he is still a jackass because of his point of view on mainland white folks and filipinos.

as for luis, i took a stand against him in the blog world because he and his family profit directly and indirectly from poker parlors.

i placed phone calls to his office and sent several emails to his address and never heard back from him.

as far as donations go, rex palacios could tell you about the $20,000 he pledged to the micro games committee that never materialized.

"For Greg Cruz part he was responsible for getting the power rates reduced. I checked into this and it was the Speaker of the House (Precinct 2) who was holding back on the bill to reduce the rates."

unfortunately, that bill will end up screwing the rest of us. wait and see.

and "i checked into this" from an anonymous commenter is about as credible as a teacher contract from the government.

"Diego Benavente is a consultant for Telesource receiving $10,000 a month and is representing a company that built those junk homes in Tototville. What we need is a drug testing for all candidates because I'm sure you will see some of them test positive."

okay then. i don't think i spoke about any of this. either way, if you're advocating change, i'm all for it.

you also sound a lot like stanley, with the drug part and all. if that's you, keep up the good work! we need to keep you in office as long as possible because you keep things interesting up there.

the true maverick!

a real character!

someone not afraid to mix it up!

stanley is the best. i tell people that all the time. if you are stanley, i even told that to you one night at hamilton's.

even if we don't agree on everything, you don't take shit and i like that!

bradinthesand said...

"have you contributed anything major to the community?"

i'd like to think so, but i don't need to toot my own horn about my good deeds.

i've done my share of good deeds (so far, that is) and the effectiveness of my deeds is all the reward i need.

i won't be promoting them. i know exactly how i felt inside when they were done and that's good enough for me.

bradinthesand said...

"The United Nations definition differs greatly from the United States' version of democracy, freedom, equality which reserves those rights for white Americans."

this is the kind of statement that makes me a non-danny aquino kind of guy.

"A contract worker who has more than one child here in the CNMI is creating a deliberate act to gain sympathy, using their children for their residency status."

i found this particularly interesting coming from the owner of little darlings daycare.

danny spoke of trying to gain sympathy? perhaps it could be that they're married and are having kids. these things do happen. not every contract worker wants a blue passport, danny.

i know that some are in it for the green card (no doubt about it), but not all.

"I don't know what to say, but I would like to request our Washington Representative to demand that our local boys pull out of this conflict because it's not our war and to have them placed in the United States under a support unit or border control for their illegal immigration problem."

and while i'm not a fan of the war, anyone who joins the military does so freely.

i didn't get any special favors done to me because i was from new york. i spent six months in the sand when i was deployed.

if i was still in today i would surely be sent somewhere sandy to do my duty.

it's about equal rights. rights, danny, that you don't feel everyone is entitled to.