Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brad Ruszala's 40th Birthday Party

My good friend, Brad Ruszala, is turning 40 this week. He wants you to come help him celebrate this milestone. Brad writes:
Hey Everyone,

It's my birthday this Friday, and to help me ring in the next decade of my life, the folks from PTI, Budweiser, Boarderline, and the Hard Rock Cafe will be bringing you one hell of a party in the heart of Garapan, Saipan.

Once again, I'll be the emcee this Friday night at Hard Rock Cafe's GNO: Girl's Night Out. Even though it's my birthday, you'll be getting the presents as PTI will be giving away phones, Budweiser will be giving out a ton of extra Bud gear, Boarderline will have plenty of selections from their hip new clothing line, and the Hard Rock will have something special in store as well.

All of this and GNO still has $3 Bud and Bud family, $3 Sauza shots, and $4 mixed drink specials all night long--not to mention DJ Rico spinnin' the hits with yours truly hosting the fun.

It's payday this Friday, so get the weekend started by partying like a rock star at GNO with the birthday boy and a few hundred of his friends at the Hard Rock Cafe .

As always, ladies get in free and fellas get one Bud family product with their $5 cover charge.

Pass this message along and help me make this Friday one to remember, even if I'll need help remembering it the next day!

Please forward this message about Brad's 40th Birthday Party around to as many people as possible. Thanks.


Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Brad. 40 is the new 25.

bradinthesand said...

You bastards!!!

I'll be happy when I'm 40 (if I make it) but I'm 33.

Well, at least I'll get even tonight at Porky's at 6:30pm before heading out to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Welcome back, Angelo.

Gregory said...

I didn't think you looked 40. Thomas Aquinas considered 33 to be the perfect age, the peak of one's physical and intellectual abilities (but perhaps not judgment or knowledge). That was the age at which Christ was crucified, and would be the age of our resurrected bodies in Paradise. So enjoy it while you have it.

What time does Hard Rock begin charging the cover?

/s/ Greg

Bruce A. Bateman said...

33 is a pretty good age. Worked for me, I survived it.

Absolute peak as per Thomas Aquinas? Don't know about that. He lived in an age where the average peasant died quite young and the privileged class didn't often live past 60 so 33 was middle aged or beyond.

Thanks, Matt, for passing that tidbit along. It's been a couple or three decades since I read Aquinas.

See you there at 6:30, Brad. The first of the blues bands begins at 7. (note to self: will have to buy more candles).

Marianas Eye said...


You look really good for 40, but not so much for 33. Stick with 40.


bradinthesand said...

love all of you guys! dicks...

ha ha

anyway, the party at porky's starts with the blues band welcoming angelo back before i kick off my gig at hard rock cafe at 10pm.

hope to see you all there.

ps-and for all of the haters, you can boycott porky's but don't boycott my birthday. i'll buy the drinks at porky's and you can buy them from me.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for coming out to the first night of the Saipan International Blues Festival. We all had fun and look forward to some more of the same this evening at 7PM.

For those of you who missed it, Brad did a sterling rendition of a 60's rock/blues hit with the Blues Festival Band accompanying. Sounded great.

Welcome back, Angelo.

bradinthesand said...

..answer your phone! and i heard about the radio show this morning. my 40th strikes yet again...