Thursday, November 08, 2007

Can you help this WWII Veteran?

I received this email this morning:
Hafa Adai,

Would you have any photos of Capitol Hill? I was in the Hospital there 148th General WW 2 and would love to see it again.


George Niebling Sr.
I sent an email asking what exactly he was looking for and received this reply:

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I was a Medic with the US Army 148th Gen Hosp. I think it was on Capitol Hill, but we really never knew where we were. I came home in 1946, 20 years old. Now 81. Time flies.

If that indeed was where the hospital was, I would love to get some pictures and would be more than willing to offset any expense incurred by your effort for me. The road leading into the area on the right side had a puddle from I guess a spring and straight ahead where the medical and surgical wards.

I was wondering if you all still had those large frogs on Saipan and the little lizards that use to crawl up my pant leg? Before I left Saipan I drove around the island and the birds of many color were just starting to return, having been driven by the noise and destruction. It is a beautiful place and I wish I could return, but at this age and my financial condition makes it all but impossible. If you help me reestablish my experience I would be most appreciative. I will include my address, just let me know so I can reimburse you.

Hafa Adai and Mahalo,

George Niebling Sr
3708 Hastings Drive
Arlington, TX 76013.

PS Please if it is still possible and I hope it is, say Hello to your relatives that were there when I was.
The frogs that he refers to are probably those invasive cane toads that were brought in by the Japanese. As for the geckos, we all know those are still here.

As for the hospital, I thought it was in Fina Sisu, on the grounds of Northern Marianas College. Was there also a hospital on Capital Hill? Does anyone know where he is talking about?

I'd like to send him some pictures, but I need some help identifying where the old hospital was located.

Also, since Monday is Veteran's Day, I encourage my Saipan readers to send Mr. Niebling a postcard from Saipan. Tell him what the island is like now. I'm sure an old vet would appreciate the gesture.

His address is posted above.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'll send him a postcard but it won't get there by Vets day. Could you share his email? If you don't want to publish it then just send it to my email and I'll send him an Ecard.

No idea where the military field hospital was in 45-46. A spring on the right could be the one of the springs located at the foot of Capital Hill in Sadog Tasi or?

bigsoxfan said...

I'm with Bruce, sounds like a lonely vet who did a nasty job, but managed to salvage some good memories. Salute.

CNMI Blogger said...

Someone told me that the present Legislature building was an old hospital.

Budsaipan said...

Navy hill - GCA shool was an old hospital back during the war...

hayman said...

Can you send the WWII Vet this website info. Some good old photos of some of the areas he remembers.