Thursday, November 08, 2007

Every Picture Tells a Story

I've uploaded my pictures from the trip onto my laptop. I took about 2000 photographs. I'll spare you by not posting all of them, but I will try to get some of my favorites up.

Phuket Pole DancingThis picture was taken at a bar on Palong Beach in Phuket where we stopped in for a little Happy Hour fun. It was up on the second story of a building facing the beach. We sat on the end of the deck, watching the thousands of tourists pass below us.

It was just a hole in the wall place with three bartenders, one karaoke machine, one pool table, and of course, one pole.

Every bar in Palong Beach seems to have a pole...or five.

The bartender was talking to us and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea if she taught me how to pole dance.

In the picture I am displaying the first pole dance move she taught me. You put your back against the pole and then wiggle your butt.

After I got that move down, I asked her to teach me another move.

She jumped up on to the top of the pole and holding on with both her hands and legs, slowly descended as she spun around in a circle.

Alright, I said to myself, I can do that. No problem.


I jumped up, legs apart to grab on, and slammed my balls full force into the hard metal pole.

Happy Hour ceased to be happy.

The doctor says I'll still be able to have children.


Just to clarify, the bars aren't strip clubs, but they all still have poles. The girls dance on them, but no one takes their clothes off...unless they are Lady Boys.

More on Lady Boys later...

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bigsoxfan said...

Perhaps not with your current girlfriend, once she reflects upon how you spend your free time away from home and hearth. Feel free to delete this random comment. I just signed on with picasso from google for mass pictures. We'll see how it goes. Look for the link here, in a couple of days.