Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lost in Translation - Phi Phi Edition

SCENE: IAN and ANGELO are sitting in a covered bar on the beach in Phi Phi, Thailand. It is pouring rain. They are drinking beer and chatting. The topic of discussion is the heavy rain. IAN wonders out loud if this island ever gets hit by typhoons. IAN motions for a waitress to come over.


IAN: Do you have any Typhoons?


IAN: Typhoon. Do you have Typhoon?

[The WAITRESS reaches for a menu at a nearby table. She hands the menu to IAN]


IAN: No, do you have Typhoon?!?

WAITRESS: Yes. Yes, Green Curry?

IAN: No. Never Mind.

ANGELO: I think she thinks you're saying "Thai Food," not "Typhoon."

IAN: We'll have two more beers, please.


Maya Bay Phi Phi ThailandTomorrow morning, Ian and I are going to visit the island you see in this picture. That big watery thing you see in the middle is Maya Bay, which is where they filmed The Beach.

I've wanted to go to that island since I first saw it in that movie.

That boat trip will be our last big adventure.

I'll be home soon.


bradinthesand said...

...sounds romantic.

lol. safe trip back, buddy.

Thesaurus said...

Perhaps she would have understood "cyclone"?

bradinthesand said...

thesaurus? wasn't that one of the smart dinosaurs?