Wednesday, November 28, 2007

March Next Friday

It is difficult being part of the ruling party's opposition.

Take America, for example. People in the Mainland tend to vote Republican not because they agree with the tenets of the Mainland Republican Party (War and Debt is good for the economy, No Dudes Kissing, Screw the Little Guy), but because the opposition party, my party, the Democrats, have not offered up their own plan in recent memory.

In 2004, John Kerry's platform was basically, "Vote for me because I'm not Bush."

Bush's platform was, "I'm a leader, I'll kill the terrorists, and I'll make sure no more dudes kiss each other."

Who would you vote for? Most people would pick the latter, not because he's right, but because he is seen as strong and moving forward. Kerry ended up looking like a latte-sipping, waffling French guy.

Then the only reason the Democrats were able to win both Houses back in 2006 was not because they were doing a particularly good job or offering up a better vision for America, but because the ruling party had screwed up royally.


The people fighting for improved Guest Worker status have an uphill battle to fight. They are not even an opposition party. They have no party. They have no power. They have only the support of both newspapers, various ethnic-based guest worker clubs, one soon to be politician, and a handful of American citizens.

They do not have public support from most local leaders, many overseas workers afraid of losing their jobs, Taotao Tano, the Chamber of Commerce, or the largest employer on island, Tan Holdings.

I support their right to boycott, strike, speak out, and march, regardless of the issue, but I am with Jeff in thinking that both sides are wrong in the debate, with a few slight amendments.


In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last few days, the Unity March is next Friday. I'm sure it will draw a crowd, but the following question needs to be answered, "Who will draw a bigger crowd, Martin Nievara or Boni Sagana?"

Visit Brad's blog and vote!


If political marches aren't your thing, there will be a Ultimate Frisbee tournament next Friday up at the Marpi baseball field. Be there by 10 AM. The entry fee is a 12 beers, sodas, bottles of water, or bags of ice.


David Khorram wrote an outstanding piece for the Saipan Tribune on November 30 detailing the difference in values we're experiencing on this island.

Check it out.


My third article was published in the paper on Wednesday. This one is about the Green Christmas for the Children of the Marianas celebration.


Jeff said...

I'm not Bush seems like a good platform when runnign against Bush.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You forgot to mention the slate for your opposition party: We TALK different than the republicans but we spend, act and tax pretty much the same. We Steal a bit more from those who produce so we can give more to our friends. Screw the little and the big guy..only government workers deserve to share the largesse. We will pander verbally to whatever cause seems popular at the time. We are sorry you are not smart enough to run your own life, we must try to control it for you. Our motto is - too much government is never enough.

Well, the good news for democrat party members (and much of the rest of the planet)is that Bush should be pretty easy to beat this time.

Do we bring our own frisbee or will they be provided?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Well, with everyone bringing a six pack of beer, who cares if they forget the frisbees?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Good point, Angelo. See you there.

TexasPhil said...

I agree with Bruce on some things.

I voted for Bush twice and he turned out to be the biggest democrat I've ever seen.

Increased the size of government by 20%, created the largest entitlement program in the history of our nation (the prescription drug plan for over 65 year olds) and gave amnesty to the largest group of illegal aliens in our nations history.

Except for having a penchant for killing people, he's pretty much a democrat.

The republican side of him did not stick... which was supposed to be fiscal responsibility, now we have the largest debt in our history.

Weirdly..... personal debt is going to surpass our national debt next year...per some stuff I've read. That's pretty weird. We are being tricked into thinking we're rich because of credit cards. Avg houusehold with a credit card floats 9k in debt.

The democrats are very volatile and a hodge-podge of self interest groups in my opinion. No real core values that I can figure out.

I have no party to vote for.

I want a fiscal conservative//personal rights liberal candidate.

They don't make them.

How hard could it really be...

Just keep the money at home for a while. Make a badass railway infrastructure for the people, keep taxes low and quit spending so much on defense. Go ahead and drill in Alaska and quit sending money to the middle east for about 20 years.

How hard is that?

And the illegal alien problem... just make it illegal to wire money to mexico and the illegal alien problem is solved. They won't sneak over anymore.

Now the democrats scare the hell out of me also.

Like Bruce wrote, there is no plan. Never has been.
And contrary to popular beliefs, demos like wars as much as republicans.

In our history, we've never gone 30 years without a war. Independence, civil, spanish=american, ww1, ww2, vietnam, korea, desert storm, iraqi freedom.. not to mention the little stuff we do like granada, mogadishu, panama, etc. so war mongering is not really republican... it's spread to both parties.

Here's a weird fact... The USA is predicted to spend more on defense in 2008 than all the other countries in the world combined.

But after I've said all this, I can't help but be very proud of our military. Those guys are badass and I'm glad we have them. They put their lives on the line over and over.

***Plus sometimes, it's up to us to kick ass when nobody else in the world can do it. There's some real pricks out there who need to be blown up. Like Saddam.

Texas Phil

This post was so long and ranty that I wouldn't be surprised if you don't post it. It's more fun to talk about BBQ.