Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mr. Wonderful is not Gay

Last night I ran into some girls who work at a bar in As Lito called Mr. Wonderful. They told me I should come visit them at work. I asked them if they worked at a gay bar and they assured me that they didn't.


I remember reading somewhere that this was a gay bar. I guess I was wrong. So, EJ, want to go visit Mr. Wonderful?


I keep getting visits from people looking for information on Ping Pong Shows. What is this world coming to? There are no Ping Pong Shows on Saipan.



My blog has been boring lately. I'm going to spice it up.

Come back over the weekend for pictures of Thai Go Go Girls.



Cate FordA huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, Catherine Mary McGarry Ford! She turns 8 today!

Shoot on over to my Mom's blog and wish Cate a happy birthday!


bradinthesand said...

why is she enrolled in an little-bush camp?

Winter Park Fords said...

Catie loved the birthday wishes from one of your readers! By the way, her middle name is spelled McGarry. Love, Mom

Jeff said...

I know military recruiting is down, but sheesh -- eight year olds!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Looks like she's been impressed into the Nader Youth, the new millenium replacement for that 1940's favorite.


Whatever, Hope you have a happy birthday Cate.

bigsoxfan said...

What did she do? Military school at age eight is a little extreme.