Monday, November 12, 2007

Ron Hodges: Domestic Terrorist Mastermind or Grumpy Old Man?

In a Letter to the Editor today, Ron Hodges, a frequent commenter on all things Saipan, has this advice for local contract workers and youth who are unhappy with the status of contract workers in the Marianas:
I would advise contract workers to sabotage CUC machinery and other vital power generation systems. I would encourage our young people to start a graffiti campaign like American soil has never seen.
If they haven't done so already, I imagine that any minute now the FBI will be kicking in his front door for inciting domestic terrorism.

I've previously poked fun at Ron for not including me on his list of people that he thinks should work as legislators for free. This latest letter takes things to a new level, though. I can not believe he had these thoughts published in a newspaper. He should have kept these ideas to himself, or at the very least shared them only with his drinking buddies at Godfathers.

Even better, he could have come up with a more productive way to express his frustrations.

I think most people on Saipan agree that the contract worker situation should be improved, but to do what he suggests is lunacy, not to mention illegal.

Just ask John S. Pangelinan what happens when you write threatening letters.

Ron continues:
I will personally honor the brave veterans that swarmed Sugar Dock to liberate the Marianas by painting FREE The PEOPLE everywhere I can.
Ron, if I see FREE the PEOPLE painted on any publicly owned structure, I will do everything in my power to have you arrested and charged with vandalism.

I, along with dozens of other volunteers, have dedicated entire weekends to cleaning up this island, painting over graffiti on the Japanese Lighthouse, CUC pumps, PSS bus stops, public parks, and on other public buildings. We take action every week to make these islands a better place to live and visit. I take it as a personal insult that you so blatantly promote vandalism.

You owe this community an apology.


bradinthesand said...


bradinthesand said...

what he said!

bradinthesand said...

Oh, and check out my update regarding this here:

Tamara said...

ohhh..i just commented on this same subject on Brad's page...

bigsoxfan said...

Sorry guys, but I think Ron's link to Ruth's letter puts him under the protected speech umbrella. I would love to weigh in with the relevant cases, but I'm in the middle of making a pot of stew.

You could check with the AG's office, if he has forgiven you for the "smokin matty g". Incidentally, the same first amendment covers you on libel issues in that particular instance. I think the case pertaining to the issue of inciting is; does it make the test of being of less danger than, "shouting fire in a theater", but I could be wrong. Mellissa??

Maybe ask EE and see if he feels compelled to write on buildings etc.. as a result of not understanding political satire when he sees it. Could be new case law in the making, here..

EJ said...

who the beep is Ron?

saipanboonieman said...

is the boy on crack or what? i thought this was pretty stupid of him, and wonder too if this will get him into some kinda legal trouble.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Matt is a great lawyer and has done a great job as AG. After Governor, he has the most thankless job in the Marianas. Do you remember the last time we had an AG that didn't catch flack?

I think he can handle being called Smokin' Matty G. He's a lawyer. I'm sure he's been called worse.



Does A1 Real Estate stand for "Al Queda's #1 Real Estate?"

Is Ron Hodges a terrorist sleeper cell?

bradinthesand said...

no, A1 means its service tastes good on steak...

Bruce A. Bateman said...

A1 means he has zero, nada, nil employees, yet holds himself out as an expert on labor relations.

He may just have found himself a drug stash before witing this particular piece of inciting pubic riot idiocy.

On the other hand, PR is PR, this will put the name of his business on the lips of many. If he can avoid a legal hassle or not may not be as important to him as can he get the name of my business out there for all to see even if the see-ers think he is a nut.

Likewise if a monkey wrench is found inside a CUC generator, there may be a couple of pissed off hombres that want to speak to Ronnie.

ron said...

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