Sunday, December 16, 2007

I was born in Connecticut!

Wendy Doromal, a woman I trust about as much as George W. Bush trusted Saddam Hussein (not including the 80's when he was our friend), was recently on island to help coordinate the recent Unity March. Here she is saying goodbye to the alien workers that helped her:

Wendy DoromalThis video and other videos like it can be found on Curt Klemstein's Youtube Channel. I think Curt was "that white guy" that everybody was asking about. He's got some speeches from Jim Benedetto and Steve "I was born in Connecticut!" Woodruff.

I know there are other Youtube Channels with videos from the March out there. If you'll leave me the links in the comments section, I will link to them in this post.

I think it is cool that the activists are starting to use Youtube and blogs to get their message out. Wendy Doromal even started a blog.

The Taotao Tano's have been really busy making videos, too. You've already seen their "We're Not Gonna Take It" series. Well now they've penned a love letter to Greg and Tina Sablan:

Who knew?

And I thought Youtube was only good for making documentaries of 2mm tsunamis, Korean Party Girls jumping on beds, and Dudes in Bikinis.


I was going to end this post, but somebody left a link to the following video over at Brad's blog. Just like everything else I seem to post on this blog, it will seem hilarious to some and horrendously insensitive to others:


Jeff said...

Liberals sometimes eat their young, but Wendy has some major guts and walks the walk. Anyone who agitates for the poor with the gusto she does deserves some kudos.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I have a problem with her and her friends defining who gets to be progressive. They've declared that Cinta is not progessive, yet many of Wendy's friends don't support Beautify CNMI or PAWS. They've said some fun things about me, just read through the blogs to find them.

Anytime any one disagrees with them they start calling people racist and spineless.

Not cool.

They are just as bad Conservatives who say that you can't be conservative if you don't accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior.

Jeff said...

They are as bad as conservatives with tactics, but not with mission.

This thing is bigger than name calling between entrenched camps. The net tends to bring out the radicals more as well.

G said...

too bad their video expertise is not as good as their law review skills.

PL 12-18 was ammended by PL 14-87 (signed into law on Sept. 19, 2005)

here is the ammended section reagrding requirements for representatives:

PL 14-87 - To amend the Election Law of the Commonwealth of the Northern
Mariana Islands

"6303. Representatives.
A candidate for the House of Representatives shall be qualified to vote in the Commonwealth, at least twenty-one (21) years of age, a resident and a domiciliary of the Commonwealth for at least three (3) years immediately preceding the date on which a representative would take office.
A candidate for the House of Representatives shall be a
registered voter and a resident of the election precinct where he or she is a candidate.
No person convicted of a felony in the Commonwealth or in any area under the jurisdiction of the United States may be eligible for this office unless a full
pardon has been granted."

Feel free to review the entire PL 14-87 at this location:

glen hunter

Dominic said...

About the 1st video:

Excellent soundtrack.

Why WOULD the head of CNMI elections support the OGA?

Does its passage endanger the ability for a citizen to partcipate in a free election?

Dominic said...

Dispensa, I meant the SECOND movie.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Glen, the video itself points that out.

I'm not sure if they are trying to prove that Tina is ineligible (which it appears she is not) or if they are trying to discredit Greg, showing how he does not look into residency requirements when certifying candidates.

I think those guys may have a point. Regardless of where Tina lives, it is not cool that they tamper with ballots.

Saipan Writer said...

Well, if forced to vote, the third video gets mine.

The first one is pretty boring (especially from Kurt, who did the coral reef project and other excellent videos).

The second one is just confusing [besides using music that is probably not public domain, and only annoys.]--what is the point of the video? As noted, the law was amended. Where's the ballot tampering? I missed that. :-)

The third one is tasteless, and at times funny.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

ABBA annoys???

Yeah, but the third one was obviously done by a Filipino comedian. You're allowed to make fun of your own race. King of like how black guys call each other n*****, but no one else can use the word, you know?

As for Wendy, I have empathy for the workers, I just don't like Wendy. I think she is willing to twist words and tell stories to get her way. I don't like that.

I don't like the way she paints Chamorros as heartless. You'll notice from her many comments on the "heartless issue" that she never says that she's sorry or that she misheard me, she just reiterates that I'm heartless.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


The election people put stickers or something or ballots that were marked with pen instead of pencil. Their machine can't read them otherwise.

I don't think there was any criminal intent on the part of the election people, I think Taotao is just pointing out that the ballots should not be touched.

I'm not educated in the ways they count votes in all the counties of all the states (they are all different), but it would seem fair to say that nobody should be "tampering" or changing anything about the ballots until the results are certified.

If there is a problem with the count, then they can do a hand count, right?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The comedian's name is Rex Navarrete. Here's his website:

I find it interesting that Filipino maids in the mainland have the same complaints as Filipino maids in the Marianas...even if it's a comedian doing the talking.

Jeff said...

I thought the idea of the video was that some cabal let Tina violate election law to even run, and then so she can win while Greg could get 150 votes and gripe about everyone. Glen shows this is a half assed statement.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

He's definitely out to prove that there is some sort of conspiracy.

Gregory said...

There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding about the role of the Commonwealth Election Commission.

Of course the CEC members are permitted to put Post-It™ style adhesive black or white ovals on ballots, to ensure that erasures are counted as such, or ink marks otherwise unreadable by the machine. See 1 CMC § 6525(d) (ballot not rejected if voter’s choice may be determined). This is what they are supposed to be doing, and it is conducted under the observation of the Public Auditor and members of all political parties.

If someone has reason to believe there is wrongdoing, the remedies provided by law are clear. That remedy is neither to complain to the OAG, nor post videos, but to file an "Election Contest" in Superior Court within 15 days of the result certification. That is two weeks after the election, so there is a total of 29 days to file. See 1 CMC § 6601(a) (election contests).

The same law applies for candidates who allegedly don't live in their district.

Anyone could have filed one. The opposing candidate has the greatest motive, but any public-spirited advocate concerned about the community can do so (upon paying the requisite court filing fee). The fact that no one saw fit to file an Election Contest speaks for itself.

Vocalizing dissatisfaction at this late date simply reflects the complainer's failure to timely follow the Election Contest procedure available under the law.

Not that I am suggesting there was any factual basis for doing so, but that is ultimately up to the Court, if filed.


Greg Baka


This is for Glen Hunter, it did indicate PL14-87 did you watch the video completely? Go back again.

And guess what! Public law 14-87 has no limitation on term of residency, thats what makes it a lot better than the first Public Law.

This is your comment:
too bad their video expertise is not as good as their law review skills.

PL 12-18 was ammended by PL 14-87 (signed into law on Sept. 19, 2005)

here is the ammended section reagrding requirements for representatives:

PL 14-87 - To amend the Election Law of the Commonwealth of the Northern
Mariana Islands

so please go back and make sure you understand the whole video before you comment again..

Thank you...

G said...

so what is your complaint? The law is pretty darn clear. why contest her ability to file candidacy in the precinct that she was residing in prior to her filing? this makes no sense if you quote and read the amended law. she has a document that proves she was renting her residence in fina sisu as of august 1st (her lease agreement). you note a variety column that states "navy hill" in the signature. please call them and they will let you know that they put that in themselves from previous letters she had sent in. not from the letter she had sent them. if you are privy to any of the email blasts of the october letter you will see that it does not state navy hill, the papers inserted that themselves.

please clarify your contention then.

Or better yet give me a ring: 671-483-9773

glen hunter

G said...

here is a link to a response:

glen hunter

Ron Hodges said...

Wendy is a courageous girl. She spoke out in Rota where workers had no voice or protections. She should be applauded by everyone in the NMI for her contributions here.

I can't believe anyone would throw mud at Tina, especially mindless accusations with no evidence. Lashing out against Tina is a cowardly threat more than something with substance. I thought these guys were going to throw boulders, but it is my recollection that Robert Hunter set the record straight on boulders. lions, and bears. I can’t even call our long befuddled legislatures stupid shameless crooks after 1-9-08, as it rings a new era for the commonwealth.

I liked the last video best, pointless and funny; you must have stolen it from Brad.