Monday, December 10, 2007

Party Time with EJ Lee

Angelo Villagomez and EJ LeeSaipan's #1 Korean Party Girl and I had a great weekend. On Friday we played in the Ultimate Frisbee tournament up in Marpi. EJ played great. Her team went undefeated. They took home the championship.

Ultimate FrisbeeI, on the other hand, reminded everybody why I ran cross country and track: I have no hand/eye coordination. I'm kind of fat and out of shape now, but I'm really just good at running around in circles. I can't do much else, well, except for trying to catch the Frisbee with my eyes closed.

Saturday night we did the usual hang out in Garapan thing. EJ brought one of her friends, I forget her name. We started off at Godfather's and then later in the night we went to Flair and Michelle's birthday party at the Hard Rock Cafe.

This was my first time going to Flair since it opened in its new location in Garapan. Cool bar. Maybe the coolest bar in Saipan?

Over at the Hard Rock, Michelle was having a luau themed party. I seem to remember someone telling me during the week that I was supposed to wear board shorts and a floral shirt. Did I remember? Of course not!

I was hanging out with Ian earlier in the afternoon. I think he's actually the one who invited me to go to the party. Did he come? Of course not!

...or maybe I just didn't see him.

Morgan Rose and Lannie WalkerThat's OK, because Morgan and Lannie were there. They forgot to wear Aloha fatigues, too. By the way, I don't remember taking this picture and I don't remember talking to the person who took it.

Good times!

Sunday was the day of EJ's big Reverse Coed Grass Volleyball Tournament sponsored by PTI.

I went there after going to a Beautify CNMI cleanup at 8 AM. Beautify CNMI was going to provide solid waste services for the tournament - meaning I gave them trash bags and they listed us as one of the sponsors.

I decided not to play in the tournament because I think I've actually played volleyball maybe twice in my life. It was probably for the best...although I'm sure EJ would have loved to have beaten me 11-0.

EJ's partner was Randy Steele. They made it through pool play undefeated. In the double elimination round they made it to the final game without losing.

They lost that game, but since it was a double elimination round, they had one more chance to win. They won that final game by a score of 15-13.

EJ took home $75, a cellular phone, and a free night's stay at PIC. There was a story about the tournament in today's Saipan Tribune.

Not a bad weekend!

In other fun and exciting news, I had my sixth article published in the Saipan Tribune. This one was about Walt's Senate Resolution and the We Love Saipan Network's one year anniversary.


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Thanks for the mention Angelo, I know you would've done so anyway even if I wasn't EJ's partner....she played great and kept her composure in crunch time, job well done.

Unfortunately, $60 of my $75 winnings went to my CHC co-pay later that night for tetnis shot and cleaning for stepping on that rusty stake.

Check this out, I got linked to my site on AOL news, not sure if this is common but a first for me;

Scroll down to 'related blog posts,' they linked my "College Football: Who Wants #1" story. Pretty cool.


Ian said...

Nice legs Angelo- you need a wax tho.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Careful, Ian, or I'll post the pictures of you in Thailand in your Speedo.