Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guam Airport Blogging

I could smell Freedom the second I stepped off the plane.

Seriously, Guam, what the hell? Between stepping off of one plane and getting on the other I had to show my passport 5 times. 5 times! Is that really necessary? Jeff expresses his frustrations much better than me on his blog. Check it out. He considers it his best work.


Who buys porn at the airport? Why does the book store here have an entire rack dedicated to naked women? Do people purchase a magazine and then read it sitting in coach?


Big thanks to Captain Carl who let me borrow his Canon S3. I promise to take plenty of photographs.

Speaking of photographs, I had to purchase a battery charger at the Guam airport. If you remember, my old charger blew up in a Thai hotel room and I had to buy a new one there. That one doesn't work on our electrical system.

Bummer...and this had to happen literally 12 hours before my Mom told me she was sending me a new one.

Thanks, Mom. Now I'll have two.


Even with all this Liberty, I'm able to hack into the Continental President's Club wireless Internet.


Marc said...

they take the porn mags into the's probably as close as they'll get to being in the mile-high club.

Ian said...

Don't forget the freedom partitions. For f*%# sake the Guam airport is the idea of some TSA agent on a bad acid trip. Why are they so concerned that deplaning passengers who have already been "screened" probably at least 3 times will somehow pass off something to boarding passengers who have also been screened- huh? Almost as bad as getting searched in Narita and then in Nagoya 30 minutes later when you never left the "secure" area to begin with. OK, enough- enjoy your trip.

Jeff said...

Mere words can't capture the horror of that shithole airport, though I tried my best.

bradinthesand said...

safe trip. see ya when you get back

Bruce A. Bateman said...

The air security Nazis are only the beginning. You'll be seeing more of the type in every day life as Homeland Security further reduces your freedom and liberty in order to save it. (Like screwing to preserve virginity).

Have fun in Pohnpei.

Jennifer said...

My sister and I went through all that 2 days ago. Then had to go through it all again in Hawaii. And what's up with the gate waiting room then showing your passport then sitting in another waiting room/hallway.

decolonize me said...

The AB Won Pat Airport is obviously the new front in the war of terror.